10 Best of Male Fashion

Male Fashion

Male Fashion

While most people think that only women enjoy fashion, men are actually enjoying their fair share of the best in male fashion. Men also have their fashion magazines, their designers, their fragrances, and yes, even male fashion blogs. As the line between genders are slowly blurring in Western society, both men and women have now access to the best in fashion that didn’t exist several years ago.

Here is a list of the 10 Best of Male Fashion

Best Male Fashion Magazine: GQ
GQ was released in 1957 by Conde Nast – the very same company that published Vogue. Offering the latest in men’s fashion, GQ keeps the young modern professional man up to date with the hottest trends not only in fashion but in travel, women, culture, and entertainment. There are about 1million in circulation in the US alone, while international GQ editions are also available in the UK, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, South Korea, and many other countries.

Best Suits: Brioni
Brioni is an Italian brand that specializes in handmade custom suits. It has been in the industry of tailoring since 1945 and has about 25,000 elite customers all over the world. A suit from Brioni can cost from $6,500 to $48,000 with the most expensive one a pinstripe suit made of the most expensive wool in the world. Made from the wool of the vicuna, a rare South American animal, its stitching is made of white gold, making it a true piece of gem.

Best Sportswear: Nike
Nike is the most preferred and most used sportswear brand by men in the entire world. Valued at $15 Billion, Nike was launched in 1964 and has since become the most valuable brad in the sports business. From shirts to shoes to active wear, almost every man in the world owns a Nike product or two.

Best Streetwear Brand: A Bathing Ape
A Japanese streetwear brand, A Bathing Ape is the most coveted streetwear brand out there. Launched by Nigo in 1993 when he was a fashion student, A Bathing Ape today is a favorite among celebrities especially in the music industry. With collaborations with Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Nike, Pepsi, Nintendo, and many others, A Bathing Ape or Bape is the ultimate badge of street credibility. Its rise to fame is credited to its marketing strategy of exclusivity – half of all merchandise produced are given to the coolest artists while the other half are sold – making each piece a unique and highly valued piece of merchandise.

Best Male Designer: Giorgio Armani
The father of Italian fashion, Giorgio Armani’s claim to fame came after dressing Richard Gere in the movie Gigolo in 1980. In the movie, Gere was a male hooker who used his Armani suits for seduction. Armani suits quickly became the ultimate tool for men who wanted to show off their status symbol. If you’re successful at what you do, you must have an Armani suit in our closet. Each season, Armani creates must haves for menswear – and he’s continued to do this for over 30 years in the industry.

Best High Street Brand: Topman
The male counterpart of Topshop, Topman offers every kind of clothing for the discerning man. More affordable than luxury brands but more expensive than retail chain brands, Topman offers formal suits to underwear with the target market of college students to young adults. Winning several awards such as the Best Fashion Retailer in 2005 by the Maxim Style Awards and the Best High Street Retailer in 2007 by the FHM Fashion and Grooming Awards, Topman is the best brand in the high street.

Best Male Underwear: Calvin Klein
Men’s underwear is one fashion piece that always garners attention. Peeking out of jeans, the Calvin Klein name has always been the top choice for men’s underwear. Literally creating the men’s underwear industry, Calvin Klein’s underwear was made famous by Marky Mark aka Mark Wahlberg in the 90’s and has spawned several ads famous billboards over the years featuring the best looking male models and personalities in the world.

Best Dressed: Pharrell Williams
Announced by the magazine Esquire in 2013 as the Best Dressed Man in the World, Pharrell Williams is indeed the best dressed man on earth. During the time when hip hop was all about the bling and the biggest clothes you could imagine being worn on the street, Pharrell stepped out of that world and brought luxury and sophistication to hip hop style. Combining luxurious fashion labels with high street and retail brands to his get up, Pharrell Williams changed the way musicians dress, influencing a new generation of male style setters. He also collaborated with Bape founder Nigo, eventually partnering with the latter to create their very own clothing brand, the Billionaire Boys Club.

Best Male Fashion Blog: Dappered
Dappered is hands down the best male fashion blog out there. It features the biggest trends in menswear plus advice and features on how to find the best yet most affordable clothes, lifestyle and travel options for the stylish man. Made for those who value dressing up, Dappered teaches men on how to improve their sense of style while avoiding burning their pockets. Founded in 1999, it is the best resource for any man who values and feels comfortable in a classic and sharp suit.

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