5 of the Best Skate Clothing Brands Today

Skate Clothing Brands

Best of Skate Clothing Brands

Skateboarding is the ultimate badge of cool, making it only fitting that skate clothing brands also give you the same status symbol in the fashion world. Skating is not just a hobby or a sport – it’s an entire lifestyle that begins as soon as you wake up. Skating involves a lot of movement, which means skate clothes should be as comfortable as possible. But aside from being loose and comfortable, you’d have to have the best and authentic skate apparel brands. Here is a list of the top 5 skate clothing brands in the market:

Diamond Supply Co.
The most talked about skate apparel brand today, Diamond Supply Co. was created by Nick “Diamond” Tershay. Launched in 1998, the brand immediately had a huge following among professional skateboarders and celebrities. Initially founded in San Francisco, Nick Diamond moved to LA in 2000 where the brand took off to its initial success. The brand’s strong design aesthetic and its drive for high quality materials were quickly welcomed by the skate and street fashion communities. Artists like Rick Ross, Cassie, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and many others are often seen donning Diamond Supply Co. merchandise. But its credibility as one of the best skate clothing companies in the world came from having sponsored the best skate team ever. Paul Rodriguez, dubbed as the Michael Jordan of skateboarding, dons Diamond Supply Co. apparel on a regular basis, as he leads the brand’s skate team. One of the company’s highlights was when they were commissioned to create a pair of sneakers for Nike Skateboarding in 2005. It became one of the most coveted pair of shoes from Nike, making it one of the brand’s all-time greatest. Currently, you can find Diamond Supply Co. in their flagship store in LA, San Francisco, and New York.

OBEY Clothing
Founded by influential street artist Shepard Fairey, OBEY began with a sticker Fairey made in 1989 while he was still studying at the Rhode Island School of Design. In only a short time, the sticker printed with Andre the Giant’s image on it were seen everywhere – painted on decks and walls in the streets. It quickly evolved into a street art campaign all over the world. The apparel side to the company came in 2001 as an extension of Fairey’s artistic work. Heavily influenced by military design, work wear basics, and cultural movements, the clothes’ progressive design and classic streetwear garb was quickly embraced by the skate community. OBEY clothing offers everything that a skater needs – hats, t-shirts, knits, outerwear, sweatshirts, pants, bags, wallets, and even jewelry.

The brainchild of former professional surfer from Hawaii, PM Tenore, RVCA combines art, fashion, music, and the skateboard lifestyle to its apparel. Founded in Costa Mesa, California, it has a laid back and casual philosophy that is heavily influenced by the culture of skateboarding, surfboarding, and the street graffiti scene. They bring together designers and staff from various subcultures –giving you authentic and first-hand knowledge of the needs of actual skateboarders and other communities. They offer all kinds of apparel from shirts to hoodies, and accessories for both men and women.

Launched in 1994 in downtown Manhattan, Supreme quickly had a long line of followers, collectors, and disciples. The ultimate skate clothing brand in New York, Supreme is home to the city’s rebellious skaters and artists. By 2004, Supreme opened other shops in London, Tokyo, and other cities in Japan. Catering to the hip hop, punk, and skateboarding communities, Supreme’s merchandise literally fly off the shelves as as soon as they arrive at the stores, they barely stay on display. Hats with the Supreme logo, as well as t-shirts and hoodies all have very short shelf lives.

Ever skater owns a pair of Vans sneakers. This US manufacturer of skate shoes also produces its own apparel – all with a classic and simple design philosophy. Founded in 1966 in Cypress, California by brothers Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren, Vans today can be found in over 170 countries. The leading footwear and apparel brand in the industry, Vans epitomizes the iconic Southern Californian youth culture, with its classic style, comfort, and modern design.

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