5 Key Trends for the Ultimate 50s Fashion

50s fashion

50s Fashion Style

One of the most revered and favorite eras in fashion was 50s Fashion. Coming from the end of World War II, women were then liberated from the depressing and utilitarian looks of the 1940’s and had desires of embracing their femininity. The most popular designer of the time, Christian Dior, introduced the New Look – a silhouette of a narrow waist and a wide skirt. This look pretty much defined the era but several other styles also became popular and are still trendy, even until today.
When the women of the time gave up their jobs in exchange for a life at home, the way they dressed transformed dramatically and gave way to several looks that defined femininity. If you want to give your wardrobe a 50’s look without looking too retro, here are 5 key pieces of 50’s fashion and how to wear them today:

Full Skirts
For daywear, wear a circular or fully gathered skirt that falls on the knees. Wear them in any color or print, pair them with a white button down, and you’ll look especially feminine but also modern and classic. Make sure the skirt is high waisted – with a waistband that falls about 1 inch above the belly button.

Pencil Skirts
The complete opposite of the full skirt, pencil skirts that have narrow high-waisted waistbands, embrace the hips and thighs, and end over the knees were the ultimate worker girl’s uniform. Covered yet absolutely sexy, pair them today with a collared cap sleeved top or even a tattered rock t-shirt for that ultra cool look.

Fitted Blouses with Peter Pan Collars
The emphasis for 1950’s fashion was the female body – the more voluptuous the better. Busts were padded and pointed and waistlines were cinched to create the hourglass figure. Thus, fitted blouses paired with full skirts, pencil skirts, and even Capri pants were very much popular. Today, pair yours with a pair of cuffed skinny jeans, or even with a pair of shorts. Make sure the collars are tiny and rounded such as Peter Pan collars for a quirky and cute look.

Sheath Dresses
The hourglass figure was further emphasized by the form-fitting sheath dress that covered the curves of the woman’s body. A blend of the fitted blouse and the pencil skirt, though the skin was covered, the form of the body was essentially the focal point of this dress. Wear the fitted sheath dress to a cocktail party instead of the little black dress and you’ll surely turn heads for all the right reasons.

Sack Dresses
If there was Dior, there was also Chanel. In contrast to the hourglass figure of Dior, Chanel offered much more comfort by creating the sack dress popularized by Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn. Boxy and shapeless, these were the anti-thesis to the restrictive styles of the general public. Wear yours today with a pair of black pumps and a blazer for a look that will definitely take you from work to night in an instant.

The looks of the 1950s fashion gave a new life to the world of women who a general optimism of life after the war in the previous decade. However, the styles and fashions of the times are not suspended in time, as the silhouettes and details are still alive and kicking today.

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