American Clothing Brands for Juniors

clothing brands for juniors

American Clothing Brands that Your Teenager will Love

Teenagers are picky when it comes to clothing brands for juniors. They don’t want their parents to buy their clothes for them since they already have an image of themselves that their folks just don’t get.
If you want your teens to have the best juniors clothing brands there is, here are 7 brands that they’ll surely love:

1. American Rag Juniors at Macy’s
Converging music and fashion, American Rag Juniors is exclusively sold in over 610 locations of Macy’s all across America. The brand was started in Los Angeles, California, so it has a seriously laid-back Californian aesthetic.
They offer apparel, accessories, and even their very own free magazine called Ragged. The Juniors line offers the same looks as the adult collection, which are all based on carefree, cool, and vintage-inspired.
If you want Juniors clothes that makes your teens look effortlessly cool, American Rag Juniors at Macy’s is the place to go.

2. Charlotte Russe
Available in over 50 states in the US, Charlotte Russe is your go-to store for all things girly and affordable. Catering to the teens to early 20’s market, Charlotte Russe can be found in major shopping centers and malls.
Named after a French dessert, Charlotte Russe is all about the girly girl with their feminine and romantic pieces for day. For night, they’ve got a wide array of sexy and glam outfits for going out.
The perfect choice for the late teen market, older women also frequent Charlotte Russe for their fashion-forward and accessible pieces. This means that you and your teenage daughter can shop at Charlotte Russe together.
One of the fast-fashion specialty stores in the US, they are widely known for giving the best value for your money. They often have great deals on their clothes such as their Buy 1 Take 1 bikinis at only $5 – good quality and cheap – Charlotte Russe is also a great place for budget-conscious students.

3. Delia’s
Very popular in the 90’s with their catalogs, Delia’s is the leading apparel marketer in the US. With a market targeted towards girls and young women aged 10-24, this direct marketing and retail company has over 100 stores in the US.
Delia’s can be purchased online but it is more known for its mail catalogs where you and your teenage daughter can order through mail. They offer casual apparel, footwear, accessories, and even home furnishings.
Delia’s is also very popular among college girls for its affordability and casual and easy clothes.

4. Hot Topic
If your teenage son or daughter is into rock or punk music, Hot Topic is the place to shop. Founded in 1988 offering accessories inspired by the rock music scene of the decade, Hot Topic later added apparel to their merchandise in 1990 with a collection of band shirts.
With their great success on the latter, they began licensing merchandise from different musicians and bands, as well as Disney characters and other popular cartoons on TV like SpongeBob.
There are over 600 stores nationwide with apparel and accessories inspired by the music and pop culture. Hot Topic is the perfect store for kids who are experimenting with their looks such as goth, rock, punk, and emo.

5. JC Penney Juniors
JC Penney became a household name in the 70’s. Found in most suburban shopping malls in the US, they also offered catalogs of mail-order. They eventually kept up with the time and started to be available in major downtown shopping centers.
Their Juniors department is a favorite place for moms to shop but kids also love their wide range of apparel offerings. They have every teenager’s clothing need from laid-back clothes for school, girly girl pieces, workout and active gear for the student-athlete, vintage-inspired pieces, swimwear, underwear, and even Prom dresses.
Found in over 1000 shopping malls across the country, JC Penney constantly has clearance sales and incredible mark downs that make it a great budget-friendly Juniors clothing brand.

6. PacSun
Also known as Pacific Sunwear of California, PacSun was established with the surf and skate culture of California in mind. Founded in 1980, PacSun now has over 800 stores in the US and Puerto Rico, catered to the market of teens to young adults.
If your kid wants to look sunkissed and ready to hit the beach, PacSun is the #1 choice for California-beach inspired apparel and accessories.

7. Wet Seal
Competing against Charlotte Russe, Forever21 and the like, Wet Seal caters to the same demographic as the mentioned brands but is currently the most famous among high school girls.
This young women’s retailer company was founded in 1962 in Foothill, California, as a low budget economy clothing brand. It has over 500 locations across the US, catering to the 15 – 39 age bracket.
They offer the trendiest clothes you can find and is considered as a fast-fashion Juniors clothing brand. If your teenage daughter wants to look like her favorite celebrity but without the expensive designer brands, Wet Seal will give her the same looks but for way lower prices.

There are only a few clothing brands for juniors that are a real hit with the market itself. Teenagers become highly choosy about the clothes they wear since the pressure of their friends to look good all the time is immense.
These 7 juniors clothing brands are not only trendy and hip, they’re affordable and easily accessible in most major shopping malls. Your wallet is happy, your kids are happy, and you too are happy – everybody will be happy with these clothing brands for Juniors.

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