American Fashion, The Keys to Looking All-American

American Fashion

American Fashion

American fashion has always been regarded as minimal and comfortable.  Though some might say it borders on being boring because comfort is given more importance than aesthetic, there are those that see the American style of dressing up as chic.  No matter what your opinion is, it’s undeniable that American fashion does have an identity and it’s often copied by different societies all over the world.

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The All-American wardrobe consists of t-shirts, jeans, jackets, cardigans – classic and always comfortable.  Less focused on trends and more on classic pieces, American style icons include Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Aniston who epitomizes simple yet chic elegance, and Katie Holmes – comfortable yet always looks stylish.

If you want to have the American style down to pat, here are 3 tips to looking like an All-American girl:

First – Keep it Classic

Invest in simple pieces that you can mix and match to achieve different looks.  Avoid following trends that may be popular today but gone tomorrow.  Though you may take inspiration from the recent runways, always keep trends at a minimal and stay away from experimenting with your style.

Second – Invest in Denim

The blue jeans were invented in the USA by Levi Strauss.  This iconic piece of clothing is a staple in every American girl’s wardrobe and if you want the all-American look, you should definitely invest in a great pair of good fitting denims.  If you want a truly authentic pair of all-American jeans, buy one that’s in a light blue tint and one that has a worn out look.

Don’t be limited by jeans, as well.  You can also stock up on denim dresses, shirts, jackets, or skirts.  Nothing else says Americana than a great piece of denim clothing.

Third – Stock Up on Key Pieces

There are several key pieces that every American girl has in her closet.  First is the plaid or checkered shirt.  This is a great piece that can be worn in the day or even at night.  Wear it with a pair of great fitting skinny jeans and heels for a chic ensemble at night or with denim cut offs and boots as you go about town or at a music festival.  Plaid shirts are comfortable but without you compromising on style.

The second key piece is the crisp white shirt.  You can wear it to work with a pencil skirt, under  a blazer for a presentation, with a dressy skirt for dinner, or with denim shorts for a chic and cool outfit as you shop or go out for brunch.  It’s the most versatile piece you can have in your wardrobe, and almost all American clothing brands or stores have it.

The third key piece is the bomber jacket.  It’s one of the biggest trends on the runways today but it has always been an American wardrobe staple.  High school football jocks are highly popular for donning them in school campuses, but the stylish versions come in a variety of different materials such as leather and even silk.  Wear your bomber jacket over your little black dress instead of a coat for a cooler and hip ensemble, or don one over your crisp white shirt as you shop around town.

The main key to American fashion is to stay comfortable, and looking like you’re ready to do all your errands for the day.  Avoid highly fussy clothes that require you to take extra special attention to them.  Having an American style sensibility means looking as if you’re about to do some physical activity that will require you to be as free-moving and comfortable as possible.

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