Top 12 Australian Clothing Brands

Australian Clothing Brands

List Of Australian Clothing Brands

Speaking of Luxury, Australian clothing brands and  Australian fashion industry never fails to wow the world with its innovative allure and captivating presentation. Every unique creation of Australian designers becomes the epitome of raw luxury and style. Brand fights keep souring with every seasonal launch, and with every new designer the competition gets furious.
But, when it comes to buying, which brand would you love to prefer. Any guesses! Quite confusing, right! Well, not any longer. Below given is the list of 12 irresistible brands that will spellbind you with their creation, leaving you with unending choices to roll over.

Sass and Bide
Sass and Bide has been ruling fashion industry since ages. The brand is known for its quirky element. Launched in 1999 by Heidi Middleton and Sarah Jane, the brand avails two distinctive ranges: s&b vibe and sass & bide. Their spring/summer collection called “cassie love” is one of their most popular creations.
Wayne Cooper
It is not just the hottest, but a leading brand of the Australian fashion industry. Wayne Cooper creations are always the center of attraction for their trendy manifestations. If you are looking for something latest in the market, try Wayne Cooper collection. In fact, if lucky you may get hands on their limited edition products. The brand runs a number of stores in the major cities of the country.
Fashionistas go crazy for Zimmerman, because this is one of the brands that always has a huge catalog for fashion clothing. The brand label has launched several types of fashion clothing that are not just innovative, but also very unique. Though evolved in Australia, Zimmermann is internationally popular for its unique collection.
Leona Edmiston
This Australian brand is popular nationwide and holds quite a long history. Launched in 1980s, the brand is known for its high quality creation and strong credibility. Leona Edmiston has been also making frequent appearances in the platform of Australian fashion week.
If contemporary is your style this season, Akira has it all. Most of the brand’s creations are inspired from the Japanese art and fashion. Major Australian galleries have added features to the hat of Akira’s popularity and fame, by allowing in-house displays. So, why not give you style a change this season, try Akira.
Launched in 1973, Billabong tasted success and popularity in no time. The brand is mainly popular for its chic surfwear and accessories. T-shirts, footwear, caps, and casual bags are the other manufactured items of Billabong.
If you seek comfort in style, give Bonds clothing a try. This Australian company makes high quality undergarments such as t-shirts, sleepwear and boxer shorts. The ‘chesty singlet’ is its most popular product. Recently, the brand expanded its undergarments line launching underwear for women. You can buy casual clothing, sportswear and maternity wear by Bonds. A wide range of kids collection is also available.
Quiksilver is a US based Australian brand that manufactures quality sportswear. Along with its outstanding range of apparel, the brand also launched Roxy, a clothing line for women. You can also grab premium products sold by the QuiksilverEdition brand. Fine and sturdy sportswear is the key product of Quiksilver.
Morrissey is a brand that has 25 years of strong customer satisfaction and credibility records. His elegant patterns, beautiful cut and chic creations have always been in limelight. Many glittering silver screen stars have adorned themselves with the Morrissey fashion clothing. Some of the names include, Nicole Kidman, Elle Macpherson, Jon Bon Jovi, Megan gale and many more.
Ugg Australia
Ugg Australia is yet another US based Australian brand. The brand’s clothing holds a prominent hint of blue sea waves. Ugg boots is the key manufactured product of the brand. Apart from this, they also produce stylish apparel, footwear, accessories and handbags.
Elle Macpherson Intimates
Explore charm of intimate moments with Elle Macpherson Intimates. The brand is owned by Elle Macpherson- an Australian model that manufactures a wide and sexy collection of women’s innerwear. Designed with delight, every creation promises comfort with luxury dipped quality.
Lisa Ho
Gowns, evening wear, dresses, jackets, bottoms, accessories… the list is endless, so as the variety of Lisa Ho’s collections. Her wide line of clothing speaks of feminine beauty and true fashion highlights. If you are confused with your choices, come to try a few from Lisa collection and feel your desires pacified.

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