Baby Clothing Brands to Buy for your Little Bundle of Joy

Baby clothing brands

The Top Baby Clothing Brands

When buying the things you need for your little one, there’s no other choice but to buy the top baby clothing brands. Of all the available clothing brands out there for your baby, there are only a few that have stood the tests of time and emerged as the safest, most comfortable, and cutest baby clothes in the market.
If you’re expecting for the very first time, it can be difficult to choose which ones to buy for your baby. Here are the top baby clothing brands to buy for your little bundle of joy.

The best brand for baby basics is Carter’s, hands down. Almost every mom buys a Carter’s basic baby clothes.
Proud for being trusted by generations, Carter’s is an American major manufacturer of babies’ and children’s apparel that has been in the industry since 1865. Definitely the leading brand in baby apparel, Carter’s philosophy is based on their mission of making dressing baby as easy as possible for mom and life as comfortable as ever for your baby.
They have everything you need for baby such as wipes, blankets, onesies, hats, gloves, socks, and everything in between.

OshKosh B’Gosh
Founded in 1895 in OshKosh, Wisconsin, OshKosh B’Gosh is one of the world’s most recognized and oldest baby and kids’ clothing brand. Their baby apparel ranges from newborn to 24 months, offering clothes from basic to going out pieces.
OshKosh actually started out making denim overalls for adult farmers and workers but it was their pint-sized versions that spawned the brand and made it what it is today. Hearing the words OshKosh presents anyone with images of cute babies in tiny shirts and denim overalls.
The world over, OshKosh is synonymous with quality and generations of babies dressed in cute denim overalls.

Baby Gap
From the largest specialty retail apparel brand in the US, Baby Gap holds the same appeal as its adult contemporary. If you want great quality and fashion-forward baby clothes, Baby Gap is the way to go.
Made of great quality materials and excellent standards in durability, all Baby Gap clothes are made from natural fabrics that won’t cause any allergies and best of all, keeps baby comfortable no matter what the weather.
With thousands of locations all over the world, it’s easy to find a Gap store near you to get your hands on trendy yet also classic pieces from the Baby department.

Gerber is usually associated with its wide range of baby food. But the brand also makes apparel that is well loved all over the world. In fact, Gerber is among the bestselling baby clothing brands in Amazon.
Dedicated to the well-being of babies, they offer pretty and comfortable basics such as baby underwear, daywear, accessories, and sleepwear.
The great thing about buying Gerber baby clothes is that most of their products are sold in sets. Onesies are sold in 3’s, giving you better prices compared to buying only one.

Disney Baby
Everyone knows Disney – except your baby, for now. Disney Baby offers the cutest and most adorable baby clothes for going out and for the home. All of their clothes are either printed or embroidered with the Disney brands and characters that you will truly love.
From Mickey Mouse shirt prints, to Dumbo polka dot pajamas, and even The Little Mermaid blankets – every single piece from Disney Baby will surely make you smile.

The great thing about using Disney Baby is you can follow a certain theme. If your nursery has a Little Mermaid theme, you can find every kind of baby clothes with the Little Mermaid printed on them.

Fisher Price
A brand that is more known for its toys, Fisher Price also offers the best quality baby clothes in the market. Founded in 1930, Fisher Price is a trusted brand in the world of baby and children’s toys and apparel. The same creativity and durability that’s placed on their popular toys are also used on their apparel and accessories.

Fisher Price’s baby clothes are colorful, comfortable, durable, and with just one look, you know they’re made of the highest quality.

Another brand that is more known for something else than apparel, Gymboree is an American company known for their play centers. Launched in 1976, it was only 10 years later in 1986 that they started making their very own line of baby clothes.
Known for their coordinating sets of baby clothes, Gymboree has over 1000 specialty stores in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. They’re also offered in many department stores around the world.
Just like Baby Gap, Gymboree uses the latest trends in fashion to create their fashionable baby apparel and accessories. They make every clothing need for your baby from head to toe, which means they offer hats, tops, bottoms, dresses, onesies, pants, and even shoes for your little one.
Despite being the top baby clothing brands in the market, the clothes that these brands offer are also affordable. Knowing the demands of moms who want high quality clothes for their baby while also keeping a budget, these brands are also dedicated to being accessible to the general market.

When you’re expecting your little bundle of joy, there are no other brands than these top 7 to fill your baby’s closet

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