10 Best Sneakers of All Time

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A Roundup of the 10 Best Sneakers of All Time

For anyone who plays sports or who’s into streetwear, having a pair or two of the best sneakers around is a definite must.  Though initially produced to meet the demands of athletes, sneakers have made their way into the world of fashion through artists and musicians who use the streets as their virtual runways.
Since the 1980’s, streetwear has had a bona fide place in fashion – often being the resource of many high fashion collections.  And there’s no other footwear that best represents the streets’ subcultures than the comfortable and stylish sneaker.

Here is a roundup of the 10 best sneakers of all time:

10.  The New Balance 576
One of the most comfortable shoes ever made in the entire planet, the New Balance 576 is the perfect blend of sporty and stylish.  Originally meant as a running shoe, it now has a special place in fashion with its association with the hipster subculture.  With a collaboration with Nordstrom, new styles in suede, leather, and mesh are available to serve the needs of both fashionable men and women.

9.  The Nike Air Max
Considered as one of the best running shoes ever made, the Nike Air Max was launched in 1987 and designed by Tinker Hatfield – the very same designer who made the Air Jordans.  Its large air cushioning unit made it a distinct pair of sneakers in the market, beloved by many hip hop artists and enthusiasts.  It is today considered as one of the brand’s collectible classics.

8.  The Nike Air Force One
With a name taken from the American president’s official plane, the Nike Air Force 1 is the first shoe to have the Nike Air innovative technology.  A favorite among collectors, it became the favorite sneaker of choice for Harlem, New York’s inner city kids.  Today, rare editions of Air Force 1’s fetch far bigger amounts than their original retail value, as often sold on eBay and Craigslist.

7.  The Reebok Pump
Released in 1989, the Reebok Pump revolutionized the world of basketball shoes.  The first ever pair of sneakers to have an internal fitting cushion, it was dubbed to be the rival of the Air Jordans.  The technology was something that was never seen before and its place in pop culture was evident through an SNL parody of the shoes’ first TV ad.  Among its endorsers among the years have been John Cena and NBA’s Yao Ming and Iverson.

6.  The Adidas Samba
Meant to be an indoor soccer training pair of shoes, the Adidas Samba has transcended into the world of streetwear.  One of the brand’s best-selling sneakers ever, there has been over 35 million pairs sold worldwide since it was released in 1950.  Its simple and sleek design that show the 3 Adidas white stripes with a gum outsole is a look that street wear aficionados love.  Freddie Mercury often wore them during Queen’s live performances and Ashton Kutcher is also an avid wearer.

5.  The Puma Clyde
Named after athlete Walt Frazier, the Clyde or Suede was the prototype of the Air Jordans.  Released in 1973, the Clyde’s design was the first of its kind, paving the road for the modern age silhouette of the sneakers.  It is today’s favorite sneaker of choice for many b-boys, DJs, musicians, and hip hop artists.

4.  The Adidas Superstar
Also called the “Shell toe”, the Superstar is one of the most influential sneakers of all time with its distinct hard shell round toe.  Released in 1969 as a basketball shoe, it boomed in popularity in the 1980’s after RUN DMC – one of the pioneers of hip hop wrote a song about them.  Overnight, every hip hop artist and follower had to have a pair of Superstars.

3.  The Vans Slip Ons
One of the most copied sneakers of all time, the Vans slip-ons perfectly represent the laid-back lifestyle.  A favorite among skaters, there have been many variations of the shoes – from colors to prints and custom designs, but the black and white checkboard design is the most iconic one.  Every rocker in the world right one has at least a pair – from all corners of the globe, you’ll absolutely see the Vans slip on in every rock concert.

2.  The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star
Chuck Taylor was a basketball player and Converse salesman when he made modifications to the original All-Star sneakers that were released in 1917.  In 1923, it was renamed Chuck Taylor All-Stars and has since become one of the best selling and most used sneakers in the world.  Absolutely anyone wears the Chucks, credited for its ability to transcend social groups and classes.  It is one of the most iconic symbols of youth, laid back lifestyle, and as a status symbol of cool.  From little toddlers to old men, the Chucks are the perfect pair of sneakers for absolutely anyone.

1. The Air Jordans
And the best sneaker of all time is undoubtedly the Air Jordans.  Worn by a then rookie Michael Jordan, it quickly became the sneaker of desire for absolutely every young kid, teen, and man across the globe.  Just as Jordan’s star was shining, the Air Jordans were produced by Nike and quickly became the # 1 thing on every male’s wishlist.  Every year since it was released in 1985, variations of the Air Jordans have been made, from Air Jordan 1 to 23, and so on and so on.

Sneakers are absolute great objects of desire.  Many men and women from around the world collect rare sneakers and don’t even use them – they just put them on display.  And mind you, these sporty footwear are not cheap – the original Air Jordan’s fetched for about $100 when they came out – a hefty price especially at that time.

When you buy any of these sneakers and bring them home, wearing them just feels absolutely incredible, especially when you go out and people appreciate your great-looking pair of new sneakers.  Nothing says you’re cool than wearing one of these best sneakers of all time.  Comfortable and stylish – now who wouldn’t want that?

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