Boots from the 90’s

Boots from the 90’s

Boots from the 90’s that Defined Subcultures

Fashion of the early 90’s was the complete anti-thesis to the 80’s and no other fashion accessory defined the era than the boots from the 90’s. When the 80’s was all about exuberance and extravagant glamour, the 90’s was all about minimalism and comfort. The biggest trend that shaped fashion was brought on by the grunge subculture.
Heralded by the band Nirvana, grunge quintessentially defined the 90’s. With music that defined an entire generation, it also defined the manner of dressing of people on the streets. And with designers causing much controversy with minimalist aesthetics and Marc Jacob’s firing from Perry Ellis due to his grunge collection, without question, grunge became equivalent to the era.

And no other footwear symbolizes the decade than Doc Martens. The most iconic combat boots to grace the Earth, Doc Martens’ boots is the ultimate choice for the rebellious youth.
Withstanding the test of time, Doc Martens’ boots’ coolness has never wavered with time. Since musicians, skinheads, punks, and rockers donned them on stage and in the streets, it has become a true fashion staple that absolutely anyone and everyone can wear, even until today.

Coming in many different colors and heights, the most sold Doc Martens’ boots is the 1460. The original design since the very first pair in 1960, it is still being made today and snatched up by urbanites all over the world. Having sold over 100 million pairs of Doc Martens over the years, this brand of boots simply is the iconic boots of the 90’s.
Dr Martens boots
So what makes them so great? Here is a quick review why:

Doc Martens’ boots are made to last a lifetime. Well known for its longevity, each pair is extremely well made as it goes through several stages of production before they are laced and boxed up. They are made to be the toughest work boots in the world – made of the finest leather there is. Full grain leathers are used, which are the strongest and most durable. The sole is made of PVC, which is resistant to acid, oil, fat, petrol, and other elements that could potentially damage any other sole. Made to be worn every day, if you only need one pair of boots for the rest of your life, a pair of Doc Martens will certainly fill that place.
Though tough as nails, a pair of Doc Martens is incredibly comfortable. Imagine wearing them to a crowded concert hall where you stand for hours, or out on the street on a cold winter day. If they couldn’t give you the warmth and comfort that it does, then people wouldn’t really wear them.
A pair of Doc Martens is generally stiff but not tight that you can’t move in them. However, they do need some breaking in because the leather is really strong. You’d have to wear them a lot to make them as comfortable as you want.
The boots are also roomy which means thin socks won’t do. You’d have to wear thick socks and make sure your entire feet are covered since the leather can scrape your skin if you wear them without socks on.
If you wear a pair of Doc Martens boots, you know heads will turn. They’re very chunky and heavy-looking, with a look that people across the world just love. Women wear them with shorts, dresses, and even maxi dresses and skirts. You can wear absolutely anything with your Docs and it will transform your dull outfit into a kickass look.

Without question, the Doc Martens is the most famous pair of boots in the 90’s. But aside from them, another brand of boots also stood out in the market during the era. Though not as transcending as the Docs in terms of genders and fashion, the Timberland boots was also a popular choice for many.

Timberland is an outdoorsmen brand that was founded in 1973. Initially made for actual working men in tough and outdoor industries, Timberland boots have expanded throughout its existence, becoming very famous in the 90’s with New York hip hop artists.

timberland boots from the 90´s

Pairing their baggy and sporty outfits with a pair of tan-colored Timberland boots was the ultimate rapper’s look – making the boots another iconic symbol of the 90’s.

Founded on quality craftsmanship and the rugged outdoor heritage, like Doc Martens, Timberland is still as relevant today as it was when it first rose to popularity. Today, musicians like Pharrell Williams, Nas, and other famous rappers don different styles of Timberland, attesting to the fact that it has gone way beyond its initial purpose as working boots but fashion boots, as well.

Here is a brief review why Timberland was and still is incredible:

Timberland boots are well known for their durable, rugged, and waterproof nubuck leather. Made for wearers to use them all day, every day, they are the sturdiest boots you could ever lay your hands on. The tongue is stitched to the boots, which makes them even more water resistant as this prevents water from seeping in. Incredibly well made by expert craftsmen, Timberland boots are made to withstand any weather and any element – rocks, concrete, what have you. The eyelets are rust-proof, too, so you don’t have to worry about them when you use them through mud or snow.

The boots’ midsole and footbed are cushioned, giving you comfort that allows you to walk in them for hours on end. The padded collar adds the perfect touch to this incredibly comfortable pair of boots, as provides added comfort and fit to the wearer. Though you need a little break in time, it’s very natural for boots as tough as these.
There are several different styles available today – from working boots to the more fashionable and experimental. They fit incredibly well with street fashion that’s hip and casual. Some styles can also be worn with more formal outfits but the tan Timberlands remain the most popular. These boots work well with loose pants for men and denim cut offs for women.

Other popular boots in the 90’s include the platform boots made famous by British pop act the Spice Girls. Made with different lengths in mind, these boots always had the chunky and sky-high platforms that girls all over the world tried to wear.

The 90’s was a great time for fashion as it was a complete change from the 1980’s exaggerations. The biggest factor in how fashion evolved was music. Grunge and hip hop defined the early 90’s while pop dominated the later years. It was also obvious that these music genres influenced everyone’s style of dressing, which included footwear, making combat boots, working boots, and the platform boots must-haves in every 90’s kid’s closet.

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