Canadian Clothing Brands to Know Right Now

Canadian clothing brands

7 Canadian clothing brands

When you hear Canada, you won’t really associate the country with fashion.  You’ll immediately think about cold weather and their vast land.  However, Canada does have its own set of fashionable stylistas who are slowly making a mark in the fashion world. Since Canada has a cooler temperature than most of the world, Canadian fashion is highly dictated by their climate.  You get to see a lot of puffy jackets, beanies, and a whole lot of people covered in garments that you don’t get to see their body shape and the great clothes they have underneath.

Slowly though, a number of Canadian fashionistas are changing the face of Canadian fashion.  Instead of puffy jackets, they’re wearing bright colored coats over beautiful dresses and opaque tights over ankle boots instead of loose pants.  Helping lead the way to a more fashionable Canada are these 7 Canadian clothing brands that are a mix of retail chains and independent designers:

Adhesif Clothing
Established in 2003 by Canadian designer Melissa Ferreira, Adhesif Clothing takes pride in using new and recycled fabrics to create their one-of-a-kind offerings.  Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Adhesif launches two collections per year of beautifully handcrafted tops and dresses in a visual display of eclectic prints and details made with obscure color combination that are truly loved by unique individuals who value authentically handcrafted work.  Adhesif Clothing can be found in upscale and independent boutiques all across Canada.

Dear Pony
Owned by independent designer Tracy Fillion, Dear Pony provides quirky and sweet garments using fabrics made of organic natural fibers.   Based in Nelson, British Columbia, Dear Pony is the go-to Canadian clothing brand for the young girl who values the past with the brand’s vintage inspired aesthetics.  Using hemp and polyblend fabrics that are handpainted, Dear Pony’s offerings are an indie-girl’s dream come true.  Found in several boutiques and specialty stores in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, you can also find scarves and other merchandise from this sweet and eco conscious Canadian brand.

Launched in 1975 in Montreal, Garage is a Canadian retail chain of stores that provides clothes for young girls between the ages of 10-20.  This popular clothing brand offers apparel and accessories and can be found in several cities in Canada, the US, Dubai, and Doha Qatar.

A womenswear boutique chain, Laura has been dressing the women of Canada since 1930 when its first store opened.  Today, there are over 200 Laura stores all over the country, offering quality clothes and exceptional service to its many women customers of all sizes.  If you’re petite or plus size, you know you’ll find something at Laura to fit your taste and body type.

La Senza
Established in 1990 in Dorval, Quebec, La Senza is a popular lingerie and nightwear brand in Canada.  It is also under the company Limited Brands, who also own Victoria’s Secret in the US.  The ultimate go-to brand for all things underwear and intimate apparel in Canada, La Senza offers high end merchandise in all of its 400 franchises and 200 company-owned stores worldwide.  Aside from underwear, La Senza also offers daywear, loungewear, and even accessories.

Le Chateau
Launched in Montreal in 1959, Le Chateau was originally an importer and provider of apparel and accessories for men, women, and children.  Over the years of its continued success, the brand eventually made their own merchandise wherein 35% of their products are made in Canadian factories and the rest overseas.  There are now over 200 Le Chateau stores worldwide.

Lilikoi Cloting
Another independent Canadian clothing brand on the rise, Lilikoi means passion fruit in Hawaii.  Designer Barbara Boswell Schutter started her clothing line in Nelson British Columbia creating handpainted cloth for her merchandise.  Original drawings are transferred to silk screen and are then printed over sustainable fabrics to create eco-friendly garments.  Using bamboo, linen, and organically grown cotton, Lilikoi Clothing offers eco-friendly materials with handcrafted details for the environment conscious fashionista.

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