Scandinavian Cool with Danish Clothing Brands

Danish Clothing Brands

Danish clothing brands much coveted in the industry

Scandinavian fashion has always intrigued the fashion world, making Danish clothing brands much coveted in the industry.  Known worldwide for their stylish and modern style, Danish fashion has recently been making a boom in the industry for successful Danish fashion designers, their international fashion shows, and their twice a year fashion weeks.  Copenhagen and Denmark are slowly being recognized as one of the top cities to watch on the fashion map.

Scandinavian fashion is successfully represented by Danish fashion brands that offer smart tailoring, simple palettes and great basic pieces.  No other style matches Danish fashion when it comes to effortless chic.

Here are 8 Danish clothing brands to give you the ultimate stamp of Scandinavian cool

Want a conversation piece without being too “look-at-me?”  Then Buyfriend’s t-shirts are the best thing for you.  Made of ethical and eco-friendly materials,  Buyfriend uses 100% organic cotton on all of their t-shirts with limited edition prints of sparrows, trees, Danish windmill, and many other charming prints.  Made in either Africa or Tanzania with fair trade conditions, Buyfriend is a guilt-free buy that puts spunk to any outfit.

Cream Clothing
If you want intricate details on ultra feminine clothes, look no further than Cream Clothing.  Made for girls with a strong personality and a romantic disposition, each and every piece of Cream Clothing are immaculately made with high quality materials and a lot of embellishments such as embroidery details, beadwork, laces, sequins, ruffles, and stones.  Found in several stores in Europe and overseas, Cream Clothing offers a wide range of dresses, tops, skirts, and exciting accessories.

Established in 1974, Jackpot is one of Denmark’s most popular retail chain of stores.  Made for the modern woman in love with life, Jackpot uses natural fabrics in all of their clothes – in tune with the trend to go eco-friendly.  The big brand with social consciousness in mind, Jackpot offers clean palettes with simple details that are perfect for the modern bohemian.

Established in 1997 as a small retail shop in Aarhus, Denmark, Minimum launched its first male collection in 1999 and quickly evolved as a successful independent clothing label.  It eventually ventured into womenswear where it now launches 8 collections a year of stylish and functional clothing.  Inspired by the urban vibe and current trends, Minimum epitomizes Scandinavian cool to a tee.

Noa Noa
Addressing to women with the modern bohemian style and sensibility, Noa Noa offers apparel and accessories in flirty and romantic pieces that are adored by many.  Established in the 1980’s with its very own shop, Noa Noa is known for their soft fabrics and equally soft details that define its feminine aesthetic.

If you’re looking for the best quality jeans in Denmark, look no further than ONLY – known for their stylish jeans in colorful shades that give fun and individuality to all their garments.  Bordering on masculine and feminine, ONLY focuses on denim clothing with excellent materials and superior craftsmanship.  ONLY can be found in over 6,500 wholesale shops worldwide and in over 300 retail stores in Europe and the Middle East.

Originally a menswear clothing label launched in 1997, Selected has expanded to womenswear and are now being sold in over 1000 dealers worldwide.  Their style is geared towards the strong and fashion forward metropolitan women and has become a favorite among the young and sophisticated crowd.

Vero Moda
One of Europe’s largest clothing brands, Vero Moda is a contemporary young Danish fashion brand that offers fashion forward apparel and accessories to its target market of women aged 25-30.  Offering casual yet elegant garments, they have a “worn look” aesthetic that is beloved by many women throughout the world.  Vero Moda can be found in over 650 concept stores in 22 countries and is known for having supermodel Gisele Bundchen as one of its endorsers.

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