Dubai Lifestyle for the Expatriate: What to Expect

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Good To Know About Dubai Lifestyle

The Dubai lifestyle recently topped a list by Knight Frank – a leading global real estate consultancy company, in its global lifestyle table.  Using data gathered based on four criteria, Dubai is the top location for anyone looking to relocate to another country.  Based on education, the number of days of sunshine, leisurely activities, and the quality of restaurants, Dubai topped the first three criteria among all the countries in the world.

If you’re one of the many who wish to give living in this spectacular a city a try, there are a few things that you need to know before you make that all-important decision.  Dubai, first of all is the commercial and tourism capital of the United Arab Emirates.  One of the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan cities globally, it is also one of the most diverse in terms of the nationalities of its occupants.  Only about 20% of its population are citizens, while the rest are made up of foreigners – Dubai today has the fastest growing foreign population in the entire world.

So what should one expect when they start their lives in Dubai?  Here are some of the things that you need to know about living in Dubai:


Because most of its residents are foreigners, some of the norms are already Westernized – meaning people in Dubai are more welcoming of other nationalities and religions compared to other Arab countries.  However, since it is a Muslim country, it’s customary that both men and women practice modesty in public settings.  For men, it is not advisable to wear shorts that show the knees, as well as for women.  The shoulders should always be covered and skirts should also cover the knees.  Public displays of affection are deemed offensive and can land you in jail.  So before you head your way to this Arab open city, make sure you are well informed of the norms, traditions, and especially the laws.


One of the very first things you have to think about when you move to Dubai is where to live.  If you already have work waiting for you, your employer can help you out by taking care of your accommodation for the first month or so that you arrive.  However, you’d have to look for your own place after.  Apartments and even shared accommodations are available in most places, you just have to ask your friends or search at local ads in newspapers.


There are plenty of job opportunities in Dubai, most especially in the service industry.  If you get hired while you’re still out of the country, your employer will be the one responsible to arrange your visa for you.  Once you start making money in Dubai, you will enjoy the privilege of a tax-free salary, as well as buying goods that have tax-free prices.


The nightlife in Dubai is at par with some of the world’s capitals.  There are numerous cocktail bars, wine bars, clubs, and even British pubs.  International artists and DJs from all over the world travel to Dubai and perform, making the entertainment scene attractive for many foreigners and bustling with life.  However, public displays of drunkenness are prohibited and can land you in jail, as some foreigners have learned the hard way.  So it’s best you control your alcohol while on a night out in this metropolitan city.


There are many great things about living in Dubai that can’t be met by any other city in the world.  One of the safest places on earth, there might be some laws and practices that do not meet Western customs so it’s best you do your research before making the final decision to move to the most vibrant city in the world today.

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