Fashion Backpacks

Fashion backpacks

Fashion Backpacks For the Stylish Woman

Bags can be the ultimate accessory, if you can find the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics all in one practical carryall. This season, backpacks find a place way beyond the schoolyard and into the hands of fashion savvy women. Today’s backpacks for women don’t only serve a practical function but are now catering to the fashionable sets. Fashion backpacks are all the rage, perfect for the woman on the go who doesn’t compromise style for function. Here are ten of the most fashionable backpack brands that you can find in the market today:

Lazy oaf
This quirky London based label was founded by designer and illustrator Gemma Shiel. What started as a small business venture that began with T-shirts, is now a full on fashion label all stamped with the designer’s element of weirdness. The brand references street wear and youth nostalgia in its designs with its range of bold and bright clothing, accessories, and the quirky backpacks that every girl must have. The geometric print backpack will definitely turn heads with its graphic black and white prints of zigzag patterns, dots, spots, and dashes.
Visit Lazy oaf website here

Deena and Ozzy
This eclectic brand of bags can be found in Urban Outfitters stores and have become a favorite among the hipster and cool crowds around the UK. Ultra cool and effortlessly casual, urbanites find their faux leather, canvas, and studded bags the ultimate accessory to their laid back and edgy wardrobes.  Visit Deena and Ozzy website here

This brand is a major backpack manufacturer and is beloved by students and skaters all over the world. Their Spring 2013 collection of their most recognized model, the Padded Pak’r, offers women select pieces of ultra stylish prints that are trendy and stylish. The cloud and sky print is a definite fashionable update to their classic backpack.  Visit Eastpak website here

This US-based manufacturer of sneakers was founded in 1966, specifically catering to the skate and music culture. Aside from their wide array of footwear and clothing items, their backpacks have been much admired and used by its many customers. Women can find fashionable backpacks in the numerous stylish prints that Vans offers. Leopard prints in orange and black,and grey and black color combinations are always stand outs, as well as their plaid and polka dot pieces. Their recent collaboration with Hello Kitty has also attracted a new market of teens and Hello Kitty aficionados.
Visit Vans website here or check for good deal on Vans Backpacks on Amazon

Founded in 1991 by surfing and snowboarding athletes, Volcom is a youth-oriented American clothing manufacturer that also produces its own line of functional and stylish backpacks for women. This Costa Mesa, California-based brand puts a lot of effort in supporting artists, musicians, and athletes, giving the brand an image associated with the active and cultured lifestyle. Their canvass, cotton, and suede backpacks are offered in classic and neutral colors, as well as trendy prints such as Aztec and Native American-inspired fabrics to fill the needs of the stylish active woman.
Look at Volcom fashion backpacks here.

This no-nonsense and simple bag brand offers classically designed backpacks in a wide array of Crayola inspired colors. Their simple and high quality bags are durable and fills many uses. And the best part of all, the materials they use are all made from recycled cotton.See Baggu backpacks here

Mi Pac
This UK backpack brand has enjoyed a great following with their simple Heritage style backpack that comes in a multitude of bright, neutral, and printed fabrics, making them the backpack brand that has something for everybody. For the Spring/Summer collection, 12 bright colors are available for you to choose from, as well as 2-tone designs, Nordic and Native American fabrics, the Flag collection, pocket prints, flower and leopard prints, leather, tapestry, and tie dye. The multitude of prints and colors will make it hard for you to choose which one you’d like best. See Mi Pac Backpacks here.

New Look
Founded in 1969, New Look stores can be found in over 1000 locations all over the world. They offer the best up-to-date and fashionable backpacks that are great value for your money. They are dedicated in bringing the fashions of the catwalk to their stores, giving you the newest and freshest trends. Their fashionable backpacks range from classic fabrics to tapestry, aztec, studded leather, fringe, and neon details. Find New Look Bag here.

A definite favorite among backpack enthusiasts, Herschel was founded in 2009 and is based in Vancouver, Canada. Their ultra chic and functional backpacks have become a favorite among fashionable women and style experts who replace their overnight totes for a Herschel backpack. The brand manufactures the finest quality backpacks in the market, as well as other travel goods and accessories. Their wide range of bags start with plain fabrics, aztec and polka dot prints, and other stylish prints topped off with suede leather details. Visit Herschel website here

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