Fashion Tips for Women

Fashion tips for women

5 General Fashion Tips for Women to Try Today

There are so many fashion tips for women that it can be hard to follow which ones will suit you best.  Fashion is loved my most women as it is a means of expression and a way to enhance one’s physical appearance and inner confidence.  But because there are so many clothes and accessories available, dressing up and creating the best look can be challenging.

With these 5 general fashion tips for women, dressing up will be a much easier daily endeavor

Know Your Body and Skin Color

The key to dressing your best is to know your body and skin color.  You should know your body type so you know which clothes will best flatter your body – know whether you have the hourglass figure, or if you’re pear-shaped, apple-shaped, or if you have the boxy type of body.  You should also know what colors will best bring out your skin color.

Let’s start with the body type first.  If you have an hourglass figure, your best asset is your small waist in comparison to your chest and hips.  So opt to wear clothes that accentuate your waist such as body con dresses, clothes that have obvious cuts on the waist, and bottoms with waistbands.  Wearing belts on the waist is also a great idea to help emphasize this part of the body as well.

If you are pear shaped, your hips are bigger than your chest and waist, so opt to wear dark-colored bottoms and light-colored tops.  If you are apple shaped, bring the eye away from your waist and hips and onto your neckline – so wear deep-V necklines and focus the attention there.  If your body is boxy, choose to elongate and narrow down your body by wearing slimmer clothes that hug your body and V-necklines, as well.

Now let’s move on to skin color.  If you are fair skinned, the colors that work well with you are cool colors such as green, blue, and violet.  This brings out the lightness of your skin, making you radiate.  If you are dark skinned, warm colors work for you best.  These are browns, oranges, and reds.

Dress Appropriately

When dressing up for an occasion, it’s always best to follow certain dress codes and rules of etiquette in dressing.  If you go to work, skip the stiletto and innerwear as outerwear ensemble – even if you’re wearing a blazer.  If you’re going on a date, skip the business suit and opt for something more sweet and romantic.  Knowing what to wear, when to wear it, is one of the keys to looking great.  If you’re not sure about what to wear to a certain occasion, the world wide web is a great source of information for fashion guides on what clothes are appropriate to wear.

Stock up on Classics and Neutrals

Classic clothes never go out of style so you should have them inside your closet at all times.  Every woman must have the white button down shirt, a black pencil skirt, a great fitting pair of denim jeans, a blazer, and the little black dress.  There are so many fashion trends that come out in the market everyday but that doesn’t mean you should buy each and every piece.  You can buy a trendy piece of clothing every now and then but it’s always appropriate to pair them with classics.  If you have an elaborately embellished top, pair it with a neutral top to balance your look.

Show Some Skin Appropriately

When you show some skin, there is one fashion tip that you should know to avoid looking like you’re desperate for attention.  Choose only one part of your body to show off.  If you have an asymmetric one-strap dress, make sure your legs are covered.  The same goes for strapless tops and dresses.  If you want to show off your cleavage, cover your arms and legs.  If you want to show off your legs, wear a sleeved top.  You should always focus on only one part of your body to emphasize and show some skin – not only for decency but also to direct the eye to one part of the body and not all over the place.

Buy Multiple Pieces

If a certain silhouette works for you, buy multiple pieces of the dress.  Buy it in neutrals, in prints – or in different designs if it has the same cut.  A great cut does wonders for your body and your confidence – don’t limit yourself to that one dress.  You can buy the same dress and enjoy the same benefits in different prints and details.  If a simple sheath dress works for you from day to night, then buy several that you can wear everyday.

Dressing up doesn’t have to be taken seriously – it has to be easy and fun.  However, dressing for your body type and the right occasion can do wonders to your look and your confidence that can’t be given by any other thing – so taking the time to know which works for you can save you a lot of money and time.  Follow these 5 tips to make dressing up hassle-free and easy.

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