Top Ten French Clothing Brands

French Clothing Brands

French Clothing Brands

France is the hotspot for romance, beauty, fashion, literature, art and culture. Be a French to taste the life in a dynamic way. France is the European country which is enriched in fashion and culture. There are popular french clothing brands which must be noticed. Their dress materials and apparels are attractive, durable and marvelous in color contrast. Peugeot and Perignon are some of the French clothing brands which have already won the favors of people in the world.

The best 10 French clothing brands can be shortlisted for assessment.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton came into existence way back to 1854. Vuitton clothing has some special features. For stylist persons, Vuitton is the perfect choice. If you check the inventory of Louise Vuitton, you will be amazed to see the fantastic designs of these apparels. Luxurious clothes of Louis Keep French tradition. Every piece of cloth has a beautiful design. The color of this cloth does not disappear rapidly. To make someone beautiful and cute, Louis clothes are tailored to enhance the physical aesthete.

Lucien Pellat Finet

Lucien is another French clothing brand which gives wonderful wintry costumes, cashmere pullovers and T-shirts. These clothes are specially designed. The durability of these wintry dresses and T-shirts is guaranteed. Lucien is the symbol of elegance. High profile ladies prefer to wear Lucien T-shirt which is soft and easy to wear. Lucien established in 1994. Till now it is peerless in France.


Brand name ‘Cyrillus’ is pronounced in respect. French men and women are very much familiar with dress materials offered by Cyrillus. There is no age bar to wear Cyrillus clothes and dress materials. Children wear Cyrillus T-shirts. They are happy and satisfied to wear light weight clothes which are made of pure fabric and cotton. At reasonable prices Cyrillus apparels for kids are available. Cyrillus is also suitable for family members who like to wear casual dresses.

Armor Lux

Those who have experiences to wear French dresses must know the name of Armor Lux. This French clothing brand maintains perfection to produce only fashionable dresses for people. To be modernized and cute, you will have to search for ultra-light costumes of Lux. There is a perfect blend of quality with French conventionality.

Tara Jarmon

Be simple and outspoken. However when you decide to buy Tara Jarmon, you will have to remember the brilliant historical background of Jarmon in the fashion industry. All dresses are well chosen. The simplicity in the designs of these garments and dress materials of Jarmon is strictly maintained. Especially, women prefer Tara French clothes to wear a distinct look to entice dudes. Tara attracts elite society. Women belonging to upscale community feel free to decorate their bodies wearing Tara apparels which expose the careless beauty and innocence of women.

Comptoir des Cotonniers

Comptoir is not just a brand name. It nurtures beauty, elegance and natural aesthete. Matured ladies should wear clothes of Comptoir. The extraordinary color shades, superb designs and perfect fitting are some of the salient features to make women fashionable. It keeps the prestige of high profile women as well.


Lacoste inspires sportsmen and athletes to wear its costumes. The wonderful designs and good needlework make Lacoste costumes popular among sports loving persons. Lacoste dresses are durable, washable and properly stitched. Lacoste enhances the sportsmanship quality to boost up the younger generation. They get back confidence and energy wearing fantastic Lacoste dresses.

Petit Bateau

French people suffer from sickness of nostalgia. They like to recollect past vents. Petit Bateau is basically known for keeping the tradition of French style to tailor clothes. The quality of dress materials of Petit Bateau is very high.

Du Pareil au Meme

Out of top ten French clothing brands, Du Pareil has acquired a new identity for a better price range. You will be lucky to have ultra-modern and original French dresses at cheaper prices. If you do online shopping, various promotional codes will help you to have financial mileage in purchasing apparels of Du brand.

St James

St James was born in 1889 because of giving some special features to people. St James clothing is highly qualitative, long lasting and well designed. It retrieves the culture of Riveria in France. If you want to appear smart, elegant and of course fashionable, you need to lay your hands on St James dresses.

French fashion shows take place in different cities. Even the French clothing industry has spread wings to fly high to reach other neighboring countries where you will find excellent classic and contemporary French dress materials at good prices. Watch online videos and fashion exhibitions for better acquaintance with French collection.

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