French Fashion

French Fashion

French Fashion is popular

Just like the French kiss is world renowned, French fashion is also popular in all the countries, since fashion has been given utmost importance and priority in France. The difference between French fashion and fashion of the other countries is that every kind of uniqueness in the fashion industry originates here, whereas in the other countries it is only popularly imitated and followed by the people.

French Fashion has been in trend from the 17th Century, when the industries of luxury goods got under the control of the Royal family. It then happened that the Royal Court was said to have a taste of style in Europe. Later, the fashion press was created in order to market designs to people outside the French court. This fashion press introduced two terms – seasons and changes, that mean that the fashion must take twists according to the seasons and there should always be something new in the trend. Usage of different brocades and laces was introduced by the French fashion.

Although the word “fashion” represents a term for women, it was highly meant for men in the late 17th Century because all the men of the royal family, including the king himself, believed in creating a style of his own and it all started with the using of wigs in the court, although, initially, it was only meant to hide the king’s increasing baldness.

French fashion and Paris

If there was no existence of Fashion, there would have never been an existence of Paris!
A house for well renowned, expensive and classic brands, Paris is popularly known as – The city of fashion and has headquarters of brands like Dior, Chanel, Celine, etc. Every year, Paris Fashion Week takes place twice, right after the Milan Fashion Week. The location and dates are decided by the French Fashion Federation (FFF), however, currently this is conducted in the Carrousel du Louvre.
No matter which museum of Europe you visit, you are sure to witness several eye delighting and fashionable attires of the people belonging to the royal blood. Also, due to the popularity of French Fashion, French models are said to be world’s most famous personalities from this industry.

Why is French Fashion so famous?

Haute Couture
This French term means high dressmaking and refers to the production of exclusive and customized designer dresses for a specific customer. In simple words, it means made to order and size dresses that are specially designed and stitched for a particular customer. These dresses are made from beautiful and expensive fabrics and are stitched by professional and highly experienced seamstresses. Every dress is made with unique features and handcrafted techniques, which are time consuming and hence each dress under this term is highly priced.

Considering the fact that not every designer has a good hand in choosing colors, every designer belonging to the French Fashion term knows how many shades a single color has and which color gels in another color to give a perfect looking gown. Every attire made in any part of France is made in colors that make us drown in them. Infact, the darker shade of color – Mauve, that has currently gained high demand in the market was introduced in France.

France has huge fabric industries that are into the manufacturing of high quality materials available in several colors, shades, designs and patterns. No matter which part of the world a designer belongs to, if he wishes to make the dream dress that can get his model all the sights of the crowd, he needs to dig into the industries of France to get that perfect material for his designs.

Considering the fact that France still has royalty in it, every dress designed or made here is expensive, which makes it more desirable and valuable. Hence, many celebrities prefer wearing clothes of designers from France, when they are invited to walk down the red carpet. It is indeed true that just like a diamond has a high value due to its expensiveness, every outfit of France too has a high value because of its price.

An online survey has clearly stated that almost all the women dream of wearing dresses designed by the French designers because they all believe that French Fashion has a taste of elegance and beauty. No matter what size or skin tone you belong to, a French designer can definitely make you look slim and stunningly gorgeous by his work!

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