German Fashion Brands

German Fashion Brands

7 of the Chicest German Fashion Brands

German fashion brands are a mix of the mainstream, the high end, and those that are in between. The country that gave the fashion world Karl Lagerfeld and Jill Sander shows that German fashion designers creating their very own fashion brands is their fashion industry’s claim to fame in the fashion world. Here are 7 of Germany’s chicest fashion brands of the moment:

Launched by one of Germany’s established fashion legends Wolfgang Joop, Wunderkind is the designer’s avant garde high-end fashion label. Joop decided to create a brand without his name on it to make it a platform for young talents to showcase their craft. Employing the best young creative in the industry with Joop as the head of design, the brand offers the highest quality luxurious fabrics and attention to detail that brings artistic merit and excellent workmanship to each and every piece. The clothes are meant for Joop’s interpretation of today’s sophisticated and independent woman.

Founded in 1997 in Paris by designers Ines Kaag and Desiree Hiss, Bless is a conceptual fashion label that hinges on being experimental in their pieces. With a flagship store in Berlin, they offer a clever and refreshing surprise in each of their clothing, such as the knitted boxing gloves with ½ of a trenchcoat inside, the jacket with the scarf as collar, or the scarf with the padded shoulders. More conversational pieces than aesthetic, Bless is a creative wonder that always surprises.

Launched by an award-winning duo, c.neeon offers clothes for women with strong graphic prints and silhouettes that have intriguing volume and architectural shapes. Releasing two collections every year at the Berlin Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, designers Clara Leskovar and Doreen Schulz are continuing to garner international attention and success with this Berlin-based fashion label.

Firma was launched as a menswear fashion brand in 1998 by designers Daniela Biesenbach and Carl Tillessen. After which, in 2001, they started receiving awards such as the “Best International Award” by the German Menswear Institute, and the Electrolux Fashion Award for their womenswear collection in 2006. Opening their first store in2005, Firma is said to be the chic provider of clothes for the new and self-confident woman.

Gerry Weber
One of the most successful and well known lifestyle and fashion companies in Germany, Gerry Weber International AG was launched in 1973 to combine fashion and lifestyle. Having several clothing lines under the company, you can easily find collections that fit any woman or occasion. Gerry Weber is for the sophisticated, while Gerry Weber Edition is for the casual, and G.W. for the youthful crowd.

Lala Berlin
A young and dynamic German fashion brand, Lala Berlin was launched in 2005 and quickly garnered international success. It shows twice a year at the Berlin Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and at the Paris Fashion Week as well. Sold in over 150 boutiques worldwide, Lala Berlin concentrates on providing the best luxurious fabrics in the world such as silk, jersey, cashmere, and leather. Never guided by the latest trends, Lala Berlin sets its own rules being influenced by the lifestyles of eclectic women from ages 18-49.

Rene Storck
An exclusive brand by designer Rene Storck, the collections are described as minimalist, modern, refined, and unclustered. Offering clean lines and immaculate construction on each piece, this Frankfurt-based fashion brand launched its first store in 2007, garnering its own set of dedicated followers. A regular fixture at the Paris Fashion Week, Rene Storck can be found in its flagship store and in several high end boutiques all over Europe.

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