9 Brilliant Gifts for Woman

Gift For Woman

Gifts for Woman

There are a number of special occasions in a woman’s life that merits a brilliant gift or two. There’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, anniversaries, and a whole other list of special events that require you to bring a pretty present as a symbol of your love and appreciation for the modern woman in your life. However, finding the perfect gift is no easy feat. Here are 10 Brilliant Gift Ideas for the Modern Woman in your life:




The Working Girls Survival Kit from Ms. and Mrs.

GiftThis chic steel attache is equipped with all the necessary items that will make any woman clean and beautiful wherever she may be. The kit contains 22 essential must-haves to handle any beauty and hygiene emergency – tampons, toothbrush, lotion, nail polish remover, lip balm, and other products needed by any woman to keep herself fresh and beautiful when she’s on the go.



Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones – Pink

Beats Solo HD Over-Ear HeadphoneFor the music loving modern woman, these headphones are the chicest and cutest
headband headphones that you can give.
It has the perfect blend of sound and style and best of all, compact
enough to fit in a purse.




Bella High Power Juicer

Bella High Power Juice ExtractorJuicing is the diet du jour of the chic modern woman of today. For women who’s always up and about,
keeping a healthy diet has become a challenge in this world of fast and processed food.
Help your mom or girlfriend stay healthy with this high speed juicer that can extract both soft and hard fruits and vegetables
for a completely nutritious beverage.



Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Watch

Avon Breast Cancer Crusade WatchWith this watch, not only will you be giving a sporty yet feminine watch to your loved one, you’ll also be helping other women, as well.
All net proceeds of this item will be donated to breast cancer research, making it a definite worthwhile gift. This over sized quartz watch
is made of gunmetal plating, black bleach silicone strap, and magenta ribbon and hands.




Bamboo Sunglasses by Panda

Bamboo Sunglasses by PandaThe modern woman may be all about advanced technology with her must-have gadgets but she is also conscious about the earth.
So why not give her this eco-friendly and sustainable pair of black wayfarers that are handcrafted with this biodegradable
material? Chic, edgy, and environmentally friendly, she’ll surely turn heads with these sunnies wherever she goes.


Chanel Hula Hoop Bag

Chanel Hula Hoop BagFor the ultimate luxury, give the modern woman in your life the “It” bag for Summer 2013. Seen on the hands of fashion
icons and celebrities, the classic Chanel lambskin leather flap bag is attached to two hula hoops that serve as handles. So cute and
divine, these purses come in primary colors – choose one in her favorite color and see her sheer with delight when she opens your gift.



Jennifer Zeuner Horizontal Cross Necklace

Jennifer Zeuner Mini Horizontal Cross NecklaceSeen on famous celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, and Vanessa Hudgens, this sideways cross pendant is one of the trendiest accessories today.
Religious controversy hangs around the symbolism of this pendant but this mini necklace with 16 inches of rope chain, and a 1/2″ wide cross in gold
is the perfect trendy gift for the modern woman in your life – for it stands for freedom and finding one’s identity for a lot of women who wear it.



Sterling Silver Birthstone Crystal Mothers Bracelet

Sterling Silver Birthstone Crystal Mothers BraceletIf her birthday is coming up, why not give her a piece of jewelry based on her birthstone? She may not even know what her
birthstone is, which will absolutely surprise her. Choose from rings, bracelets, pendants, and other jewelry encrusted with gems
and stones.


Apple iPhone 5 16GB

Apple iPhone 5 16GBGreat gifts for the iPhone love in your life. Surprise your loved one or your self. Whatever gift you give to the women in your life, even the simplest
object can mean a lot. So choose one that’s close to both of your hearts and watch her smile with joy.

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