Hipster Fashion – A Step-by-Step Guide

Hipster Fashion

Hipster fashion.

Hipster fashion Made Easy

Every generation or decade has a defining fashion subculture that represents the zeitgeist of the times. An alternative lifestyle that has emerged in recent years is the hipster generation. An elitist group of middle class young adults have made this subculture so prevalent that it has influenced music, consumerism, ideologies, and of course, fashion. The subculture has its own cult following and its set of critics and haters, as with all cultural phenomena, but one thing’s for sure, it definitely represents the youth of today.

Hipster fashion can be defined as style that you can’t buy in your department store or mall. It can’t be defined in a single word or reference simply because it is committed to the notion of individuality and uniqueness. When you step out your door, you shouldn’t look like anyone else. There’s a heavy emphasis on retro and nerdy fashion that gives you an effortless cool, modern bohemian, and nonchalant look, as if telling the world that you simply don’t care.

Hipster fashion,

Step by step guide on how to dress like a hipster
Hipster FashionFirst and foremost, since you want to look different, avoid all things mainstream. When you shop for clothes, avoid the mall or the department stores. This means no big store names on your wardrobe. Thrift shops, vintage stores, and clothes that you alter and make yourself are your best options. This shows that you do not support mass consumerism — a political view that the hipster subculture holds. Independent and up and coming designers are also a good option. If you must wear a label, opt for exclusive designer labels and match them with thrifted finds. You wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing the same high street dress with your fashion victim colleague at work. So stay away from the mall, and buy your stuff from quirky little shops or at vintage boutiques.

Second. For tops, wear boyfriend t-shirts. The perfect hipster shirts for guys are a size smaller than their usual clothes. It should fit snugly to their torso. V-necks are a must have for hipsters so fill your closet with these. For girls, tops should be at least 1 to 2 sizes bigger, and that also goes for sweaters and hoodies. You have to defy society’s notions of what a woman should look like, so avoid showing off cleavage and too much skin. Wearing a loose V-neck shirt is the way to go.

Third. For bottoms, skinny jeans are the holy grail for hipsters. You can’t be called a hipster if you don’t own at least a pair of tight fitting skinny jeans. This goes for both men and women. Boyfriend jeans that are cuffed on the hem are also a good option for girls — this follows the notion of defying society’s standards of looking sexy. Skinny jeans that come in bold colors and prints are also good options.

Fourth. For outerwear, plaid flannel button downs are also another hipster must-have. This grunge reference is also one of the biggest trends that influence hipster fashion. Buy loose cardigans, as well. If they look like your grandpa owns them, then the better. Slouchy and baggy cardigans are another must-haves.

Fifth. For dresses, the best option for girls would be to raid their grandma’s closet. Big flower prints that reference the early 90’s is the best print for hipsters. Wear them with black tights and black ankle boots with your loose cardigan and you’re good to go.

Sixth. For headgear, hats and beanies should never be missing from your wardrobe. Even if it’s not cold outside, a grungy beanie defines the hipster look. Classic hats are also a good staple to the hipster wardrobe. Fedoras, bowler and porkpie hats are a definite must.

Seventh. For footwear, a hipster is never without old school sneakers, lace oxfords, and ratty ankle boots. The more worn out the better.

Eighth. For accessories, a big printed scarf around your neck is the perfect accessory that goes with any outfit, be it hipster casual or formal. Don leather satchels or backpacks, and wear a black thick rimmed pair of glasses. For sunglasses, the only option for you are wayfarers, or even cat-eye frames for the girls.

Whatever you’re wearing, always remember that the hipster look says that you don’t care. Do not be too matchy-matchy with your ensembles. Mismatched clothes define the look so it’s best if you mix prints, and clash the colors of your clothes. Stand out, be different, avoid mainstream, and you’ll definitely look like a hipster.

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