How to Clean Justin Boots

How to Clean Justin Boots

A Simple Guide on How to Clean Justin Boots

Boots get you through literal bumpy roads, but just because they’re tough as nails doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to clean your Justin boots. The leading brand in cowboy boots, Justin boots is a powerhouse in the world of leather shoes, seen on the most rugged cowboys out there.
These boots can last a lifetime but you also need to do your part to keep them looking great.
These boots are made of authentic real leather but the material usually varies, so cleaning boots of different materials should also be different from one another.

Here is a simple guide on how to clean your Justin boots

For exotic leather, polished or cowhide boots, here is a list of what to do:

  • Place your boots on top of a newspaper or towel to avoid staining your floor or table.
  • Remove dust and dirt by brushing your boots with a soft nylon brush or cloth from top to bottom.
  • Once the leather is free from dirt, apply leather cream thinly all over the boots.
  • Rub your boots with soft cloth until you get the polish that you want.

For snuffed, suede, or naked finish, here are what you should

  • Follow steps 1 and 2 from the above list.
  • Instead of using leather cream, apply water and stain protector twice. Let it try before applying the second coat.

A great leather cream for your Justin boots is Meltonian Shoe and Boot Cream. It comes in all colors imaginable like banana, bone, tan, grey, black, burgundy and many others. It excellently re-stains cracks, scruff marks, and even color fading. It completely conditions and moistens the leather of your Justin boots, restoring and preserving their original condition. If you apply the cream correctly and constantly, your old Justin boots will surely look new again.

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