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Icelandic clothing brand

Top Icelandic Clothing Brand From the Oldest to the New

Iceland may be an extremely cold place but it doesn’t mean fashion in the country is limited to jackets, jeans, and parkas alone. Several Icelandic clothing brands do offer the ever reliable functional clothing pieces that keep you warm, but many designers and local brands also offer the Icelandic woman a lot of options when it comes to fashionable clothing. Here is a look on The Top Icelandic Clothing Brand:

ELM Design
This clothing brand has been making waves in Iceland’s fashion industry with their imaginative collections inspired by the very landscapes of their home country. Their clothes are made in Iceland with materials that are sourced from all over the world. It started as a knitwear company but has transformed into a clothing label whose items can be seen in over 100 stores in the US and Europe. Visit Elm design website here

66 North
One of Iceland’s oldest clothing companies, its slogan takes pride in the fact that it has been keeping Icelanders warm since its founding in 1926. The brand offers one of the widest range of high quality outdoor wear for men, women, children, and even infants. What began as a protective wear company for the workforce of Iceland has become a full-on clothing brand, with the addition of other clothing items such as fleece garments and accessories. 66 North is the definite go-to brand for all your protection needs from the elements. Visit 66°North website here


Icelandic clothing brand
One of the most recognized clothing brands for the youth market in Iceland, Nikita clothing offers everything that a young surfer or snowboarder needs. From tank tops, to bikinis, to beanies and jackets, the brand has it all for the active lifestyles of Iceland’s youth. Founded in 2000 by head designer Heida Birgisdottir and her friends, the clothing brand is now available in over 1500 stores in over 30 countries worldwide, making it one of Iceland’s most recognized clothing brands. Visit Nikita website here

Farmers Market
Founded in 2005 by designer Bergthora Gudnadottir and musician Joel Pacsson, this Icelandic clothing label successfully blends traditional heritage designs, Nordic design elements, and modern takes in its wide range of sweaters, jackets, pullovers, and cardigans. Made with organic materials of high quality, such as cotton, silk, and wool, their clothes are not only creative and functional, they’re environmentally sustainable as well. Visit Farmers Market website here

Volcano Designs
Launched in 2008 in the capital of Reykjavik, this clothing brand offers Icelandic women a full range of clothes that celebrate the woman’s body. Their shape enhancing, form fitting, and feminine pieces are geared towards making a woman feel beautiful and confident in her own skin. The brand’s target market is the strong and independent sexy woman who doesn’t shy away from sexy yet comfortable pieces of clothing, ranging from outerwear, sweaters, tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories. Visit Volcano Design website here

What started with just one dress has now become a full-on Icelandic clothing brand. Founded by an Icelandic couple who work with a team of young, innovative, and upcoming Scandinavian designers, they create high quality and unique clothing that are multifunctional. Instead of buying new clothes every now and then, with Emami clothes, you only need to change the look of the dress to change it into something else. Their highly popular Limitless Dress is available in a wide range of colors and can be transformed to more than 30 different looks. Visit Emami website here

With impressive internships and a degree from the Iceland Academy of Arts, fashion designer Eyglo launched his very own clothing brand in 2006 right after graduation. One of the designers that co-own and showcase at Reykjavik’s ultra cool boutique — Kiosk — Eyglo’s clothes have been praised for their experimental takes on pattern cutting and details. Always with a futuristic aesthetic, Eyglo’s designs have the perfect blend of youthfulness and sophistication. Visit Eyglo website here

Iceland’s underground fashion prodigy, Mundi established his clothing label in 2007. This artist, designer and all-around creative has created over 12 collections since the brand’s inception and has become popular over the last few years with his eclectic and unique pieces. His Autumn/Winter 2012 collection was his first ever organic collection that featured organic sustainable materials all throughout the collection, and was supplemented by a short film that Mundi himself produced. This underground fashion star has shown in Paris and all over Europe and sells his clothes across Europe and Asia. Visit Mundi website here

Taking pride in creating fashion for women by women, Ella is a new Icelandic clothing brand created by Elin Ros Lindal and a group of talented women who understand the elegance and quality that should be placed in every piece of clothing that they create. Every single item is made in a limited number of pieces, since they believe that fashion should not be mass produced but should be created slowly — with sophistication and respect for the process and for the woman who gets to wear them. Every piece is handmade in Iceland and clothes are made with the highest quality of fabrics that can be found. Visit Ella website here

Having been featured in several European magazines since it was launched, Kalda creates gorgeous and simple modern clothes for the edgy woman. Created by sister duo Katrin Alda and Rebekka Rafhsdottir, Kalda’s pieces can be found in their store Einvera and in Liberty of London. Their items have slowly been gaining popularity among edgy fashionistas who adore their rocker chic gone sophisticated look. Visit Kalda website here

The streetwear clothing label by Sara Marici has a huge cult following among Iceland’s funky and edgy urbanites. Handpainted in her workshop, Forynja offers everything handpainted — from bed linens to t-shirts to leggings. Known for the graphic and colorful prints, Forynja has created a clothing label that is much anticipated by streetwear aficionados. Forynja used to have a flagship store in the shopping district of Reykjavik but closed down in 2012, but items can still be bought online. Visit Forynja website here

After working as a designer for a big company, Steinunn Sigurd started her own clothing brand in 2000. Her clothes are characterized by simple, yet edgy aesthetics, mostly in shades of black and gray, and are inspired by the unique landscapes of Iceland’s highlands. Her love of knits, craft, and details have garnered her numerous awards in design and fashion. Her clothes can be seen in Steinunn’s flagship store in Reykjavik, and in over 20 high end designer boutiques all over the world. The brand is setting their eyes in an expansion to the US very soon. Visit Steinunn website here

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