7 Indie Fashion Brands For the Nostalgic and Modern Girl

Indie fashion

Indie Fashion Brands

There’s always something charming and nostalgic about indie fashion brands. Several decades ago, clothing was sold through stand-alone stores and shops of tailors and dressmakers in town centres or in private homes.  The emergence of the department stores completely transformed the entire clothing industry to make affordable clothes available to the masses, making them less special and more disposable.

Bringing back the charm and authenticity of clothing to today’s world, independent designers and fashion brands have slowly crept their way back to the clothing industry, creating a unique niche that lovers of clothing get to enjoy.

Here are 7 indie fashion brands that will surely bring that spark to any girls’ eyes

Built By Wendy

One of the most established independent fashion designers in New York, Built By Wendy is an indie fashion brand created by designer and founder Wendy Mullin.  She started creating and selling clothes in 1991 through setting up areas in her workplace and selling them in specialty stores, before opening her flagship store in 1998.  She offers seasonal collections of clothing for women but also makes men’s and kid’s fashions occasionally.

Family Affairs

A definite “family affair,” this clothing line by mother and daughter duo Nina and Kaya Egli brings the charm back to casual day dressing.  With charming cotton dresses, tops, and coats that are as light as air, they found a special place in the indie fashion world by being the go-to brand for ingénues and intellectual girls.

Dear Creatures

Another indie fashion brand with a nostalgic charm is LA-based clothing brand Dear Creatures.  Taking inspiration from the mod girls of the 1960’s, design duo Bianca Benitez and Rob Sinclair have been making classic and playful clothing for the 20-somethings since 2007.  Characterized by a love for decades past, their clothes look to the future but also nod to the eras of the past.


Established in 2011 and started through Tumblr, Whitepepper is now operating through its own online store offering street style that is inspired by vintage and easy dressing.  Definitely eye catching pieces that stand out, they are still simple enough for a vast variety of girls to wear.  Based in East London, they now offer a full range of products from clothing to accessories, and even footwear.

The Earnest Sewn

In the world of designer jeans, The Earnest Sewn is indie fashion’s version of specially crafted denim pants.  Much coveted by celebrities and the fashion sets for its immaculate craftsmanship and made in the US production, this denim clothing brand has been heralded in the indie and even mainstream fashion world.

Nasty Gal

This American-based online retailer has been steadfastly growing since its humble beginnings on eBay a few years back.  Because of its success, they were able to launch their own online store in 2006, specializing in fashion clothing and accessories for young women.  In 2012, Nasty Gal released its original label with limited-edition styles that was presented during that year’s Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week, making it a bona fide fashion brand.

Orla Kiely

Based in London, Irish fashion designer Orla Kiely has been creating seasonal collections of ready-to-wear clothing that would make any girl swoon with delight.  Her high-waisted, full skirt dresses are sweet and always feminine- all injected with her signature color palette and distinct retro style.  She is highly known and praised for her prints, which are also seen on furniture and stationery.

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