Top Italian Fashion Brands

Italian Fashion Brands

The Top 7 Italian Fashion Brands

Italy is synonymous with style and fashion, with Italian fashion brands ruling the fashion world.  Being the only country with two of its cities in the Big Five of the world’s fashion capitals, it is undeniable that fashion in Italy is a major part of its culture and society – with both Milan and Italy on the list.

Dressing up is a natural part of everyday life for Italians that it’s no wonder that many of the world’s top fashion brands are found and were established in the country.  If you want to know which Italian brands are the top in the world, here are 7 of them that are much coveted by the world’s fashionable sets.

Highly known for their iconic paisley prints, Etro was established in 1968 with a start in producing a range of delicate fabrics embellished with original designs and innovative color combinations.  The famous paisley motif is a mark of identity for Etro and is still being used today on their runway collections.  The brand eventually expanded to leather goods, menswear, and womenswear, where they produce several runway collections per year.  Beloved by their world costume inspirations, Etro is the brand for eccentric and adventurous fashionistas.

This global fashion brand based in Treviso, Italy was created by the Benetton family in 1965.  Today, there are over 6500 Benetton stores all over the world and the company enjoying an average revenue of 2 Billion Euros.  They offer wide selections of items for women, men, children, and also offer accessories and underwear.

Max Mara
Also known as The House of Max Mara, this luxury fashion brand was launched in 1951 by Achille Maramotti who was a couturier in the late 1940’s.  Seeing a market for designer pieces available to the masses, he formed Max Mara as a ready-to-wear brand.  Today, there are over 2000 stores in over 90 countries, where the company enjoys an average of 1.2 Billion Euros in revenue per year.

Dubbed as one of the best interpretations of Italian fashion and design excellence, Missoni’s iconic patterned knitwear is heralded by the fashion world.  Founded in 1953 by couple Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, their knitwear is highly known for its multitude of patterns in stripes, geometric shapes, and abstract designs of kaleidoscope colors.  Offered in over 20 countries, the company’s yearly average revenue is 67 million Euros.

The ultimate Italian fashion brand for the young and sophisticated fashionista, Prada is synonymous with luxury and fashion forward style.  Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, it is now headed by granddaughter Miuccia Prada, who launched a younger brand called Miu Miu for the younger sets.  With over 250 boutiques all over the world, Prada has an average yearly revenue of 2.15 Billion Euros.

Roberto Cavalli
The famous designer launched his own clothing line in 1960 and has made its mark in the world of luxury apparel and accessories industry.   Known for his detailed and exotic prints and a more is more design philosophy, Cavalli is a favorite among celebrities who love the opulence and intricate details on Roberto Cavalli’s offerings.

The clothing company established by famous Italian designer Valentino Garavani, Valentino was established in 1959 in Milan, Italy, offering apparel, footwear, accessories and perfume.  The company gained prominence in the 60’s after its first international show, where the international best dressed crowd began to get dressed in Valentino.  Today, the brand is much beloved by celebrities who love the clothes for their sexy and sophisticated aesthetics.

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