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List Of Italian Fashion Designers

It goes without saying that whatever the world seems to do, Italians seem to do it a little better. But this ancient country with hosted Rome as its capital has come a long way over the past two thousand years. Producing the largest numbers of fashion designers who have managed to captivate people all over the world, Italians seem to have done it all in the world of fashion. Which is why it is truly important to count down some of the most popular and talented Italian fashion designers ever to have hit the red carpet and how did their achievements changed the world of fashion, once and for all.

12. Nicola Trussardi – To many it may seem like a fairy tale story of how a glove maker from the small village of Lombardi, managed to become one of the most successful and powerful names in the world of fashion. It was only three years after his graduation that Trussardi first brought his brand to public attention and by the time we hit the 80’s people would never perceive Italy the same way again.

11. Yves Saint Laurent – Being one of the first Italian fashion designers have gained unbeatable heights of success, Yves Saint Laurent was truly a pioneer in every sense. It was in the sixties, when Yves first hit the scene and transformed the way we look at menswear. Creating masterpieces from old used menswear clothes for women, Yves created a sensation in France when he first burst into the scene in 1966 and the rest is history.

10. Roberto Cavalli – Everything about Roberto Cavalli spelled magic. With one of the best dressed logos ever put forwards by a company, this designer from Florence, Italy truly managed to become one the best in the world. Mesmerizing the masses with his out of this world designs and intricate details of his exotic prints, only a handful ever dared to cross this fashion giant. Roberto Cavalli is also credited to be the father of the sandblasted jeans, which has truly become the trademark for almost every major jeans manufacturer in the world.

9. Pierre Cardin – Undoubtedly one of the most talented fashion designer ever produced by Italy, Pierre Cardin has truly managed to capture the imagination of the world with his designs and attention to detail. He is one of those few fashion designers who dared to venture out of the traditional world of fashion which was mainly clothes centric and diversified the use of fashion into accessories, car and almost everything you can ever imagine.

8. Gianni Versace – In the short fifty years that he lived, he managed to change the way how people perceive Italian fashion and the name Versace. Being the creator and driving force behind the global mega brand, Gianni truly changed the way we see fashion today. With some of the most daring, yet elegant designs to be ever brought forward that made him the personal favorite of famous names like Elton John and Princess Diana, his unexpected death only managed to cement his position in the world of fashion.

7. Christian Dior – The true pioneer that brought Italy into the big picture, Christian Dior is without a doubt one of the best from Italy. Bursting onto the scene after retiring from the army and facing the second world war, Christian truly managed to create some of the best masterpiece for women. So great was his accomplishments, that almost after 56 years of his death he still manages to remain as one of the most prominent fashion icons in the world of fashion.

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6. Ralph Lauren – Starting from his looks to his design, everything about Ralph Lauren spells out style. With his sheer sense of style that looked classy, yet sexy he managed to transform his name into the $7.5 billion dollar empire. Being one of the most preferred by stars and common people alike, he has truly managed to cement his name in the world of fashion and as one of the best Italian Fashion designers ever.

5. Mario Prada – Not many people might know that the fact it was Mario Prada who created one of the biggest fashion brands, the world has ever seen. Starting from a complete freak accident, that helped him realize his skill with leather, Mario Prada truly became a fashion icon with his skill with leather.

4. Guccio Gucci – It was one said that leather would change the world and it truly did, but it was the world of fashion was changed by Gucci. Being one of the first fashion designers the world had ever seen and being one of the first fashion designer who put his entire focus behind leather bags, Guccio Gucci truly managed to create a brand that the world would come to know by its name.

3. Domenico Dolce & Steffano Gabbana – If you thought that one person from Italy would change the way we see in fashion, then think of the effect two people have. And this is the exact thing that these two geniuses did in the world of fashion. Creating one of the most successful brands that the world had ever seen which included anything and everything to do with fashion, Dolce & Gabbana are two of the first Italian Fashions Designers in the world of fashion.

2. Valentino Garavani – Many people might argue with the fact that Valentino Garavani has been perhaps one of the biggest hidden talents ever have been discovered, he has only managed to make it to the second place on our list. Despite the fact that he is one of those few people who had a chance to design for the great Audrey Hepburn, Valentino is without a doubt one of the most impressive and powerful fashioners designers to be produced by Italy.

Our selection of best Italian fashion designers

1. Giorgio Armani – The name says it all for this powerhouse designer, who is without a doubt the finest fashion designers from Italy. Captivating the imagination of people around the world, no words are enough to describe the sheer talent this man poses which catapulted him to the first position in this list and into the top most position in the hearts of people from around the world. What makes Giorgio Armani such a great fashion designer in the world whose name is more than enough to sell suits at unbelievable prices was the fact that he was one of the first designers who banned models who were anorexic and did not meet the minimum BMI requirements.

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