Top Ten Japanese Clothing Brands

Japanese Clothing Brands

Japanese Clothing Brands

Speaking of the height of innovation, Japanese designers have revolutionized fashion today. Creativity seeks no limits for zealous Japanese designers. From classic to outrageous, just a single sight of the creations is enough to keep you mesmerized. The momentous redefinition of feminine clothing with electrifying runway presentations, has added new artistic and philosophical points to fashion. These groundbreaking explorations celebrate the essence of style and elegance. Versatility is the soul of fashion in Japan. If you seek some pure fashion indulgence, take a ride with me and explore the world of innovative Japanese clothing brands.

Cecil McBee
Cecil McBee is one of the most popular fashion designers of Japan. She is not just one of the top most designers, but her collections are as ravishing as her thoughts. Her line of clothing targets young women. Her entire collections speak of true feminine beauty and charm. If you want you celebrate the woman in you, Cecil McBee apparels are just the thing you need. Visit Cecil McBee website here


Uniqueness and avant-garde style are the prime features of H.NAOTO creations. The amazing fusion of Lolita and Gothic styles into everyday clothing brought sensation in the fashion industry. Apart from this H.NAOTO is well known for advancing his Goth-Loli style of fashion into new areas. He introduced underground, Punk and Victorian, aspects into fashion aesthetic. Visit H.NAOTO website here


HeartE is yet another Japanese fashion brand that is inspired 19th century clothing style. The concept of the collection is to fuse patterns and colors and create modern and innovative designs and clothing. Sheer cut skits, lacy dresses and monochromatic color schemes, every single detail of the clothing line speaks of feminine traits. Visit HeartE website  here  ( Not on english)

Hiroko Koshino

Hiroko Koshino is the brand that offers stylish clothing collection for women. The brand mainly focuses on presenting a unique and thoughtful combination of classic Japanese designs with western fashion. Hiroko designs and creations are not just popular nationwide, but internationally as well. Visit Hiroko Koshino website here


This Japanese clothing brand was launched by Hiroko Ito. Hisui is best known for its versatile creations. Very piece of clothing sets a great example of geometric styles and beautiful graphic prints. The designer often uses multiple layers pattern to add a hint of fashion fairytale. Visit Hisui website here

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake is an old and well known Japanese fashion brand. The brand runs after the name of designer Issey Miyake, who is well known for the technology inspired displays and clothing. In fact, Issey Miyake is listed among the very first clothing brands to earn international fame and recognition from Japan. Visit Issey Miyake website here

Junya Tashiro

If you are looking for something more illustrative and contemporary, give Junya Tashiro’s clothing line a try. Junya’s collections and creations displays a combination of different styles and mediums. Blending contemporary indie culture into artistic nd illustrative patterns offers her creations a more interesting outlook. Complexity is the beauty of creation here. Visit Junya Tashiro’s website here

Limi Feu

Limi Feu was launched by Yohji Yamamoto’s daughter ( Limi). Her creations speaks of bold out of beauty. Most of her collections include monochromatic multi-layered designs with punk rock or tough girl aesthetic. These dresses are commonly paired with blousy pants and military-style boots. She designs her collections keeping Japanese women in mind. Visit Limi Feu website here

Ritsuko Shirahama

Ritsuko Shirahama is counted on the top women’s clothing line of Japan, which is based outside Tokyo, Japan. The brand is popular for its strong femininity features and powerful designs. Ritsuko is not popular both inside and outside the country, Recently the brand has shown tremendous success in the European and North American fashion markets. Her creations take the feminine beauty to next level and enhance the elegance of the wearer. Visit Ritsuko Shirahama website here

Taishi Nobukuni

Taishi Nobukuni is yet another popular Japanese designer, who is recognized for his eminent creations under the label Takeo Kikuchi. At present, Nobukuni runs his very own label, Taishi Nobukuni. His collections reflects his beliefs and concerns that are mostly ethnic and political in nature. Blending the street wear style that Nobukuni presented in the Takeo Kikuchi clothing, Nobukuni’s own fashion clothing got huge response by both the International fashion community and Japanese street fashion magazines.
Ladies, it’s time for some kill- a kill by style, charm and elegance. Pick any of the brands and complete your wardrobe with some of the most unique and innovations apparels.
s apparels. Visit Taishi Nobukuni website here

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