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Style and fashion are the two terms which were never welcomed in most of the Asian countries, which believed that every human must be covered with clothes. Most of the Asian countries, including India, China and Japan, disrespected women who showed off even a little part of their skin. However, recently, many Asian countries have started adopting and adapting to the western culture, fashion and style.

Japan has always been known for its culture and unique traditions, especially for the beautiful and colorful Kimonos that the women dress themselves in. However, because of an influence of the Western countries, Japan too started adopting the Western Fashion from the mid period of the 19th Century.

Japanese Street Fashion:

The Western fashion influence began to be completely visible in the beginning of the 21st century, which formed Japanese Street Fashion, style of an individual, which is created by mixing the traditional as well as current fashion trends. The best part of this street fashion is that all the clothes are made at home by purchasing fabrics from the market. The specialty of these fabrics is that they are colorful, trendy and belong to an excellent, yet affordable material.

European Haute Couture and Japanese Street Fashion:

These two terms have a high similarity since Haute Couture means designer customized outfits that are stitched by highly experienced and professional seamstresses and Japanese Street Fashion also means stitching outfits according to the size and measurements of the customer.
The only major difference between these two concepts is that in Haute Couture, elite classes are targeted since the fabrics used to produce the gowns are expensive and classy; whereas in Japanese Street Fashion, even middle class women can get outfits stitched for themselves since the fabrics used are comparatively at a lesser price.

Japanese fashion can be divided into two parts:

a) Fashion of the 19th century (Pre-modern Japanese Street Fashion)

This was the period when the western culture started its impact on Japan and during this time, many local brands evolved that promoted the designs of popular Hollywood celebrities. However, women still disliked exposing a lot of skin since their culture never permitted them to.

b) Fashion of the 21st century (Modern Japanese Street Fashion)

Recent generation is furthermore impressed by new trends in fashion and hence many international brands have also launched their fashion statements in this country.

Following are the five popularly followed types of Modern Japanese Street Fashion:

1) Lolita Fashion:
This term represents the innocence and cute side of a woman and hence it has gained a high interest in Japan since the women here are already famous for their young and peppy looks.

This fashion is furthermore divided into five parts:
a) Punk Lolita – a style that represents madness, mixing the cute looks with crazy and messy outfits
b) Classic Lolita – a formal style that uses light colors like soft blue, baby pink, light sea green, etc.
c) Sweet Lolita – a baby doll inspired style that includes the use of stuffed animals, glittering baby handbags, childish attires
d) Gothic Lolita – a Victorian style that represents the sadness and darkness of life; brooches, long boots and stockings are three popular features of this style
c) Kodona – a manly version of Lolita wherein loose blouses, hats and prince pants (capri-style) are worn

2) Dolly Kei:
This is a beautiful doll-like style wherein women dress up in clothes similar to the gowns of characters in the Fairy Tales of Europe, including the vintage style clothing. Many fabrics used to make such fashionable dresses have meaningful religious symbols.

3) Mori girl:
The word Mori means forest and women who follow this style are seen wearing loose gowns with an attached belt in the waist. The material of fabric that is used to make such gowns is extremely soft and flowing, either plain or with floral prints in common. The most famous accessory used under this fashion is a floral wrist corsage.

4) Angura Kei:
This is perhaps the darkest fashion style wherein people prefer wearing black colored outfits all the time. Men, who follow this fashion statement, are seen with spikes whereas women wear dark make up like black nail paint, black lipstick and other such dark stuff. It may sound similar to Gothic Lolita but the difference is that there is no cuteness adopted in the appearance, in this style.

5) Decora:
Inspired by the English word decorated, people belonging to this fashion style wear plain T-shirts with casual jeans and plain make up. Three most popular colors under this are black, rose pink and deep yellow. They then ‘decorate’ themselves with many long beaded chains and bracelets of different colors. Their accessories are so loud that their outfit is barely visible.

Apart from these, there are other styles of fashion that have originated in Japan and being followed in many other countries. However, the popularity of the above mentioned ones is high.

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