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Korea is a major exporter of textiles and are ranked top in most of the products they export. This includes the fashion industry with some of their traditional elements showing up in their designs. They are known for traditional styles but have also picked up the contemporary trends and host some of the most renowned fashion brands in the world today. Their fashions products have seen run ways from Italy, France and the US to Japan. The Korean style has hit the market hard with some of the boldest fashion statements in the market. Here are some Korean fashion brands that have made a statement in the world today.

Juun .J

The brand was selected as the top brand to watch this season. The designer launched his men’s fashion line in 2007 in Paris with a unique blend of the traditional and the modern for the streets. The brand is inspired by the street and made for the street which is what makes it famous among the rappers all over.

General Idea

Bumsuk Choi continues to unravel his prowess in the fashion industry with the general idea brand. This has been in the US for a while now and since 2003 has been a brand to watch. He managed to get right from the catwalk and hot the sidewalk easily which is always a challenge for many designers. General Idea is about everyday designs that fit everyday people. The beautiful compromise is what makes this brand one of the best among the Korean styles.


The two sisters under this brand are doing a splendid job. The fashion brand is becoming part of the guy’s wardrobes with some of the most elegant designs showing off masculinity. They already have 24 stores under their name and a flagship in Europe from Paris, this brand is one Americans need to know about before it is all over.

Perdre Haleine

Not many fashion brands are able to create a good compromise between the street and luxury. This brand has done it well and has made it clear that they are an authority in the area. Their designed started on a military basis and have now gone to places that can only be termed to as ‘crazy’. They are an ideal option for guys that are serious about their fashion faze.


This is a brand to watch when it comes to heavy duty wear. It is everyone’s answer to work wear whether you are looking for luxe leathers, duck canvas and khaki. They have turned this kind of wear into a street craze. It is easy to mistake them as a men’s fashion line but are not purely. Their clothes speak toughness and longevity for the day to day hard worker.


Kim Jones has cut a niche for himself with this brand. The fashion line has hit the celebrities and is pouring out to the streets with a good fan base. The brand remains top 10 in most of the fashion magazines and has more to offer men. The fashion house is soon to make its debut internationally but is obvious that it will do so with much ease.


This is an exciting feature that depicts men’s wear in a completely different way. It is common to get bored with fashion but not Liful. The fashion brand comes with unique and interesting prints that make it something to watch in the long run. They have also cut a niche in the quality department which makes their garments worth buying for any guy.


Kathleen Kye has presented some shocking fashion revelations that have taken the world by storm. With a keen interest in sweaters, the fashion brand has pushed itself through odds and has poured out into the streets too. With simple designs, styles and prints, Kye has managed to remain a global sensation since graduating two years back from Center Saint Martin.

Peace, love and understanding

This is a brand that is purely made for the pop culture. Having been spotted on Rihanna the fashion brand is about to go from the secret it was to a world renowned name. The brand is focused on creating statements for those that want to stand out from the crowd which is what ever star is looking for.

Buried alive

Okeh Nam derives this brad form a childhood scare. What was once a simple t-shirt brand has grown into something you will find in most Korean stores worth their salt. This brand is more about the street than luxury, a statement it has made clearly.

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