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Makeup Natural

Makeup Natural and Health

People have always placed importance on the appearance. If you can enhance or change something about your face and body to make you look more attractive, you would probably do it. There are many ways to make yourself more beautiful, such as eating healthier food, plastic surgery, and the quickest and simplest way — putting on makeup.

Makeup has been used by people for thousands of years, with the earliest recorded usage of cosmetics from the ancient Egyptians who valued the skin and beauty enhancements. Archaeological findings indicate Egyptian women having used creams and eyeliners on their faces, and even used milk baths to make their skins appear smoother.

Over the years, the makeup industry has come up with every makeup product imaginable. From simple loose powder to cover up face oil, to the commonly used red lipstick and even to fake lashes and other cosmetic products that turn any man or woman into her most beautiful self.

Because society places so much importance and value on physical appearance, many makeup manufacturers have used cheap materials to create affordable makeup that the general masses can afford, leading to products made of chemical materials that are harmful not only to the human body but also to the environment.

Today, the trend for cosmetics has turned to “makeup natural” that gears towards products that are made of natural ingredients that are environment and animal-friendly. One of the most basic makeup products that you can have is the loose powder to cover up skin imperfections. One such product is the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Loose Powder that’s 100% natural with 10.6% of its ingredients certified as organic ingredients. Free of harsh chemicals, this product will certainly not irritate nor harm your skin. Makeup natural always starts with the basic and this product is just one example of how you can do just that.

But caring for your skin the natural way does not just involve the products that you put on your skin but also the tools that you use to apply the makeup. Most makeup brushes use animal hair such as mink, squirrel, or goat hair, where the animals have been cruelly treated to acquire their fur. Synthetic brushes such as the 16-piece pink Synthetic Vegan Make-up brush set by L.A. Minerals is the perfect way to put on your makeup natural.

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Makeup Brush Set L.A. MInerals ®

Made with synthetic versus natural hair, you get high quality materials that won’t irritate your skin with every application. Real hair has irregular surfaces that trap chemicals and oil, which can cause irritation, but synthetic hair is smooth, making brushes easier to clean and definitely cleaner to use.

There are many products in the market that will keep your skin not only healthy, but beautiful as well. If you must use makeup, use products that are not only good for you, but the environment as well.

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