Meggings The Latest Fashion Trend for Men

Meggings and leggings for men

Men are becoming more and more conscious of the way they dress. Embracing more trendy clothes and experimenting with different styles, it’s no wonder that men have their very own fashion trends. One of the most buzzed about piece of clothing for men today are the meggings.

Meggings is derived from the words “men” and “leggings”. They are basically leggings but are specifically made for the male body. They started to become popular in 2013 but are now taking the male fashion world by storm. You’ll see men don these meggings on the streets of New York, Tokyo, Paris, and London, and absolutely everywhere in the world.

Leggings for men have actually been around for hundreds of years. They used to be called stockings during the time of Shakespeare, who actually owned a ton of them. As men’s clothing evolved through the years, wearing tights for men was replaced by pants and jeans, making stockings obsolete for menswear.

For several decades, men have avoided wearing leggings as they were only worn by men who danced ballet or those who were in the theatre. But as the leggings became a staple in the wardrobes of many women, it became only natural that men took on the trend as well.

When women’s jeans became skinnier and skinnier, it gave birth to the jeggings – leggings that look like actual jeans. And as men’s pants also followed suit, it became natural progression that men, too, would start wearing leggings.

No one really knows when the meggings trend started but they were introduced into the fashion world through Alexander McQueen’s 2007 show, as well as by Marni Men in their fall show of the same year. For the past several years, male models have worn them on the catwalk but the trend never really translated to the streets, until now.

Justin Bieber wore a pair of drop-crotch meggings when he performed at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show a couple of years back. Russell Brand, who’s been wearing leggings way before they were a trend, has also been seen many times wearing the trend. And even Lenny Kravitz has been seen donning them. Naturally, since these celebrities are wearing them and look rather good, it’s only natural that the masses took on the trend as well.

Today, several retail companies are offering their very own meggings collections like Uniqlo, Nike, Urban Outfitters, and even fashion giants like Givenchy and Prada. They come in all colors and prints, and are specially made to keep the male body in mind – giving specific attention to the crotch area.

Meggings are taking Manhattan by storm and have gathered its own sets of admirers and critics. Those who wear them say they’re highly comfortable and keep them warm, while those who don’t have a liking to them say it’s a trend that should disappear as fast as it came. Whether people like it or not, it’s obvious that meggings have made their way into the closets of many men who take risks in the way they dress.

You can see men wearing them under a pair of shorts, all the way down to the ankle or ruched to the knees, or as is with long and loose shirts. If you’re a man who likes to take risks in fashion, then meggings are a great way to add a unique detail to your outfit.

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