Top 10 Brands of Men’s Winter Fashion

Men´s winter fashion

Men´s Winter Fashion

The holiday season is coming and men’s winter fashion is getting noticed more and more. Yes, men’s winter fashion will always be about good tailoring and great layering of basic pieces but this year, more designers and clothing brands are taking style and aesthetics to new heights.

Men’s winter fashion has always been about function and stature but something happened in the late 18th century that led to the rise of the dandy. Dandyism happened when men during the Victorian era started to place particular importance to their physical appearance, which may have started the whole metrosexual trend. From then on, clothing for men went way beyond protecting themselves from the cold or wearing uniforms, but took on a more creative way of expression.

Mens winter fashion

This year’s men’s winter fashion sees a lot of experimentation with colors and fabrics. What once was shun, designers are now having models walk the runway with lush satin ensembles and numerous takes on the suit. Winter fashion is never about bulking up but about choosing the right proportions and accessories. With grey as the trendiest color of the season, men can layer their grey on grey suit with a crisp cotton shirt, and a neatly tied scarf. Wear this ensemble with a clean and chic ski cap, fedora, or newsboy hat, and you’ll definitely look fashionable and quite dandy, as well.

Not sure where to look for those trendy and cool men’s fashion pieces? Here is a mixed list of the top 10 high end and streetwear men’s fashion brands from all over the world:

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is the man who turned Gucci back into the map of the fashion world. After leaving the luxury fashion house in 2004, he put up his own fashion label and by 2006, fashionable sets from all over the world were drooling over his men’s collections that epitomized the ideal stylish man. With two collections every year, his world of luxury constantly gives strength to menswear, with his signature streamlined suits, sportswear classics and a fashion forward meets perfect tailoring silhouette. Visit Tom Ford website here

Hugo Boss

This German brand and lifestyle house is one of the most coveted high end menswear brand in the whole world. The ultimate fashion brand for the quintessential alpha male, Hugo Boss offers business suits, shoes, bags, watches, and their famous Hugo Boss line of fragrances. Visit Hugo Boss website here  or   Shop HUGO BOSS Here

Giorgio Armani

One of the world’s leading brand in menswear, this Italian luxury house is highly regarded for its clean, tailored lines, and made-to-measure suits that turn any man into a head turning man of power. Visit Giorgio Armani here  or Shop Giergio Armani here

Ralph Lauren

An American luxury lifestyle brand, Ralph Lauren started the brand with a necktie shop in 1967. After winning the COTY Award for his menswear line in 1970, the Ralph Lauren name has been one of the most sought after men’s fashion brand in the entire world who love it for its great quality, design, and chic upscale fashion. Visit Ralph Lauren here or Shop Ralph Lauren here

Club Monaco

One of the many brands under the Ralph Lauren name, Club Monaco sits comfortably in the much envied spot of being a high end fashion brand that also has the appeal of a mall brand. Founded in Toronto in 1985, Club Monaco appeals to the creative consumer with their distinctly urban and casual point of view. Visit Club Monaco here

A Bathing Ape

A Japanese clothing brand founded in 1993, it started as a T-shirt brand that sold exclusive and underground merchandise to a select creative set. When it started out, long lines of Japanese consumers would line up outside the stores to get their hands on limited edition high fashion T-shirts that were highly coveted. Today, it is an entire lifestyle brand that expanded into shoes, shirts, pants, and even collaborations with Pepsi, Marvel and DC Comics, and many others. Visit A Bathing Ape here or

Zoo York

A clothing brand known for having products made by skaters for skaters, this New York-city based streetwear brand is much coveted by customers who are into the skateboarding and hip hop culture. Visit Zoo York here


This iconic brand that blew up in the early 80’s has kept its place in the fashion market by being keeping up with the zeitgeist of the times with their quintessential California-cool aesthetics.
Visit Stussy here


Founded in 1999 by a group of creative friends with a mutual love for art, music, and skateboarding, Supremebeing has the mantra of allowing its wearers complete freedom to create their own looks with their limited edition collections of ultra cool shirts, pants, T-shirts, hoodies, coats, scarves, and ski caps. Visit Supremebeing here  or  Shop Supremebeing here

Reigning Champ

Basics don’t mean boring. Reigning Champ has perfected the fancy leisure niche of the menswear market. This Canadian brand’s best kept secret lies in its access to high quality fleece that they use on their sweaters, hoodies, pants, and other products, making the basic into highly coveted pieces. Visit Reigning Champ here

For the best men’s winter fashion, mix the high with the low. Wear a cool Bathing Ape T-shirt under a Ralph Lauren blazer, coupled with a Reigning Champ basic shorts and you’ll definitely turn heads in the bleak winter weather.

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