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There are four major cities in the world that are known as Fashion Capitals namely – Paris, London, Milan and New York, which are popular mainly because of its emerging and influencing fashion trends. A fashion capital is a city wherein all the fashion related activities like designing, production of the garments and retailing outlets of such products are carried, along with exhibitions, events and trade fairs related to the products of the fashion industry.

New York City has its own Garment District, popularly known as Fashion District, located near the Manhattan borough. It came into existence from the beginning of the early years of 20th Century. There are several showrooms and big shops of popular home as well as international brands, not only of garments but also of accessories, shoes and other such stuff related to style, changes in trends and fashion.

New York’s role in Fashion:

This city is associated with fashion majorly because it generates more than $14 billion annually due to its stylish garments, available in wholesale as well as retail. The designs that are spread worldwide are said to be found in the books of NYC’s designers, first.

New York Fashion Week

New York FashionApart from the other famous fashion weeks held in different fashion capitals, this is also one of the four major event that takes place in NYC, which is branded as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, held in February and September (fall and spring). Initially, the darker shade colors were used to make the designs for outfits for the models. However, recently, the trend has transformed wherein more of light and subtle colors are being used for soft and flowing fabrics during Fall; whereas the event held in Spring showcases more of fluorescent colors with extremely casual clothing designs.

Difference between New York Fashion and others

Although fashion is imitated quickly, NYC’s fashion has its own specialty and uniqueness. This is not only because of the boldness of women who prefer wearing short skirts and tank tops locally, but also because the fabrics that are used to make the garments are extremely rich in quality. One may think that if the quality is so good, the material has to be expensive. However, the truth is that the fabrics in New York City are cheaper than the materials available in rest of the countries of the world. This is because it owns several industries that are into the manufacturing of different fabrics and hence the cost of import is not applied.

Every city has its own fashion but many famous fashion designers have emerged out of this beautiful city.

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