Pregnant Fashion

Pregnant fashion

Pregnant Fashion and Pregnant Style

Long gone are the days when being pregnant was all about frumpy and dowdy clothes. In today’s celebrity-laden world, pregnancy has become a chance for women to actually exercise their creativity and fashion sense.

Expecting celebrities have donned trendy and stylish pregnant fashion to red carpet events, movie premieres, awards shows, and on the streets. Seeing such celebrities on tv, in magazines, and on the internet has inspired the regular pregnant woman to ditch those baggy, unflattering maternity wear to more trendy and fashionable outfits.

However, with everything that’s going on with a woman’s pregnancy, it can be hard to know what clothes can make you look stylish even with a growing tummy. So here are a few tips to help you remain fashionable and stylish despite being pregnant:

Don’t Rush Into Buying Maternity Clothes

During your first trimester, you can still wear your regular clothes as your tummy will not be showing as much. So don’t head to the maternity sections of a department store right away as soon as you find out you’re expecting. Most pregnant women won’t start to show until the fifth month and won’t probably need to wear maternity clothes until then, so hold off on your shopping for now.

Comfort is Key

Pregnant fashionYes, comfort should always be on the top of your list. Stay away from synthetic fabrics like polyester and choose natural fabrics such as cotton or silk. Polyester does not absorb moisture so if you sweat under your clothes, you’ll definitely be uncomfortable. Pregnant women perspire a lot because of the increase in body temperature, so you’d really want fabrics that will absorb moisture to make you feel fresh and comfortable.

However, don’t let comfort be your only factor when choosing the clothes that you wear during this special time of your life. Just because you’re growing a human being inside your tummy it doesn’t excuse you for looking like you just got out of bed. Do not, at all times, wear sweatpants when you’re out in public. Yes, they are the most comfortable and practical thing to wear when you’re feeling exhausted all the time, when you are always nauseous, and your hormones are to the roof. But taking just a little time to think and choosing what to wear tells other people that you respect them and yourself enough to at least care about looking decent. The sweatpants are the antithesis to style, so if you still want to be fashionable during your pregnancy, stay away from them when out in public.

Invest in Basics

When you do start buying for clothes to wear during your pregnancy, start with the basics. This is the best way to build your maternity wardrobe. Buy a good pair of maternity jeans – the ones with the adjustable hidden panels that expand with your growing tummy. With this pair of jeans, the outfit ensembles will be endless. You can pair them with a t-shirt, tunic, whatever. If the jeans snug you tightly in all the right places, then it’s your best pregnancy fashion investment.

Buy a pair of black opaque leggings. They’re ultra comfortable and the most functional piece of clothing that all pregnant women must have. You can use them with a short dress, under a pair of shorts, or under a tunic.

The Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is the pregnant woman’s best friend. Wrap dresses in cotton jersey fabric are the most ideal. You can adjust them according to your growing belly, plus you can definitely wear them right after you give birth and even when your pre-pregnancy body returns. They’re functional, comfortable, and one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in the world. You can wear it to the beach with flip flops, to the office with a blazer, and even to a cocktail party with a pair of heels.

Embrace the Bump

Pregnant women have the tendency to buy loose and baggy clothing to go with their growing belly. These clothes hide the baby bump but also hides the shape of the body. And they will actually make you look bigger than you really are. So say no to shapeless baggy clothes and say hello to tight fitting and body hugging garments. Jersey will accentuate your body and your belly, fitting in all the right places, showing off your beautiful body. And pregnancy is the only time in a woman’s life when having a bulging belly is acceptable so take advantage of this opportunity to be fashionable and sexy.

It’s not hard to stay stylish and fashionable during pregnancy. The most important things are comfort, investing in basic pieces, and embracing your body rather than hiding it.

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