Punk Fashion

Punk Fashion

Punk fashion became very popular

Punk fashion belong to special type of fashion trends, more specifically into the type that combines all the features of certain attractive lifestyle, quality of making and attitude towards life that indulges certain expressive sense which we can’t simply ignore. Punk had its last boom last year, and it is predicted that it will continue to spread and affect the aesthetics of fashion this and later years. Maybe the biggest advantage of punk lays in the fact that it is partially complementing the holes that remain in forgotten fashion styles, such as gothic, military or grunge.
This type of fashion became very popular in last few decades, and it is combined of hairstyles, clothing, jewelry, cosmetic and certain body modifications that are part of the infamous punk subculture. Punk fashion varies very widely, it ranges from fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood to styles that were modeled by bands like Sex Pistols or The Exploited.
Lots of other social subcultures or art movements like skinheads, greasers or rude boys have largely influenced this way of fashion. This type of fashion was mostly popular in late 70s and early 80s because some of the popular bands like Ramones or Sex Pistols expressed themselves with punk fashion. This type of fashion has started to be popular once again, and it is being considered retro and cool these days.

What’s most important about this type of fashion, and the thing that gives it more weight is the fact that to some people this isn’t just fashion, it is also the way of life and the way that they can express themselves more easily. Many punks are using this type of clothing as some sort of a way to make certain statement.
At some stages, which can be very surprising to some people that this fashion was extremely commercialized at certain various times, and some of the most popular fashion designers like Jean Paul Gaultier or Vivienne Westwood have used punk elements largely in their production.

Initially, punk clothing was handmade, but after big popularity that has received it became massively produced and it was sold in record stores and some specialty clothing stores in the 1980s. Some popular fashion magazines and other fashion media has featured punk clothing and hairstyles as popular way of dressing.

Base of the punk fashion was always that certain sense of controversy and rebellion, something that means shock and surprise. In today’s less conservative and more liberal world it is hard to achieve big shock, which is probably one of the main reasons that punk fashion is getting less popular and weaker in full swing of expressionism.
It is kind of safe to say that punk has become mainstream in today’s world, that is probably the biggest reason why popularity of punk clothing has decreased so much in past few years.
There are dozens of different styles of punk fashion, such as anarcho punk, crust, dance, glam, pop, street and skate punk to name a few popular types of punk fashion.

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