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Red Wing shoes

So what makes red wing shoes utterly incredible

Red Wing shoes are the answer to the working man’s needs – durable, comfortable, and truly functional.  The company was originally made to make good quality shoes and boots for the hardworking American man.  Founded over a century ago in 1905, Red Wing shoes provided working footwear for men who labored in the farms, mines, in the logging industry, and just about every industrial field of work.  Meeting the needs of hard labor, Red Wing shoes today go far beyond just working shoes.

With Red Wing shoes’ Heritage collection, they’ve expanded to more fashion-oriented territories, providing footwear that even stylish men would wear.  Being the perfect brand of men’s shoes for both function and casual needs, if you want a good pair of footwear to last a lifetime, there’s no other brand that would do that other than Red Wings.

So what makes red wing shoes utterly incredible

Red Wings’ most distinct and most coveted feature is its durability.  Made with the finest leather in the world, every material used on each pair of Red Wings shoes is the best in the market.  Using only the highest quality in leather, you know your shoes will only get better with age.
Each and every pair is handcrafted in Minnesota by craftsmen who’ve been in the industry for many years.  Pairing the best quality of leather in the world with expert craftsmen, you know you’re only getting the best pair of shoes you could ever lay your hands on.
Proven to function, perform, and outlast, you can even say your pair of Red Wings can even outlive you – they’re that durable.  Each pair is triple stitched to stand the demands of every day wear and tear. If you’re a tough man with a tough lifestyle, Red Wings is the only brand for you.

When you think durable shoes, you might think they may be too industrial that comfort is its last priority.  Red Wings shoes are indeed very durable but they’re also made with comfort as one of its top priorities.  Because the company intends you to wear them on a daily basis, they make sure that their footwear is also one of the most comfortable in the market.  In fact, they get even better with age.

Though it takes longer for you to break them in because it’s made for tough grounds, you’ll be able to properly fit them in about 1 – 2 weeks when the leather is used to its usage.

Just because the brand’s main priorities are durability and comfort, it doesn’t mean they skimp on style.  In fact, each and every pair of Red Wing shoes is timeless and classic.  Designs that were made several decades ago are still on trend today.  Because they are made with the highest quality materials and hand stitched by expert craftsmen, you can basically hand down your Red Wing shoes to the next generation and they’ll still be able to use them.
Perfect for both casual and formal settings, they’re very easy to pair with clothes and still look appropriate.

Red Wing shoes are on the expensive side because of the quality of materials and the amount of work put into every pair.  But considering the fact that you can wear them every day for practically all the years of your life with very little wear and tear, they’re the perfect investment for those who live an active lifestyle.

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