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The Scandinavian lifestyle of interior furnishings is often copied and looked up on by the world of interior design.  Renowned for its minimalism take on spaces, their lack of clutter and simple design philosophy is very much heralded all over the world.

Because Scandinavia experiences long winter nights, they value the importance of sunlight and incorporate this in the way furniture manufacturers create their products.  Always designed with the environment and nature in mind, Scandinavia furniture design takes nature indoors.  The philosophy that form follows function is also another important feature of the Scandinavian lifestyle that contributes to the timeless and elegant designs of their furniture and living spaces.

10 Furniture and Home Appliance Brands in Scandinavia that fit perfectly for Scandinavian Lifestyle


The world’s largest furniture retailer, IKEA is a Swedish company that has been around since 1943.  The world leader in ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances and home accessories, IKEA banks on their main concept of affordable solutions for better living.  They offer every household item need for every person, delivering modern architectural design with eco-friendly simplicity to millions of people worldwide at their 349 stores in more than 40 countries.  The most successful furniture and home accessories brand in the world, IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad was recently named as one of the richest people in the world in 2013.


Denmark’s biggest global retail furniture chain, BoConcept can be found in over 250 sales units in 58 countries all over the world.  Originally established in 1952 by two Danish craftsmen, the brand has grown into an international retail brand with the mission of becoming the #1 in the world in terms of interior design.  Making modern furniture for the urban customer, they offer customized and coordinated furniture and accessories plus professional advice from their skilled interior consultants.  BoConcept does not just sell furniture, they also give you ideas on how to give your home the authentic Scandinavian look.

NC Nordic Care

Furniture with charm and quirk – NC Nordic Care is a Swedish furniture company offering pure authentic Scandinavian design.  Renowned for their excellent use of Scandinavian natural woods, the key part of their design philosophy is their take on allowing their natural beauties to shine through.  With over 60 years in the industry, NC Nordic Care is the go-to company for cool, contemporary, and eco-friendly farmhouse-chic furniture.

Erik Jorgensen Furniture

One of the best Danish furniture designers of his time, Erik Jorgensen established his company from his early beginnings of upholstering furniture in his modest workshop in 1954.  Creating exquisite furniture based on innovative design and skilled craftsmanship, Erik Jorgensen participated in many international exhibitions and acquired numerous awards for his designs.  Today, the Erik Jorgensen brand is still alive through the production of furniture designed by many talented architects.


The largest furniture manufacturer in the Nordic region, Ekornes is the main company that produces Stressless – the line of luxury reclining armchairs and sofas that is known worldwide.  Established in 1934 in Ikornes, Norway, Ekornes is dubbed as the innovator of comfort for their amazing technology on luxury chairs that effortlessly adjust to shifting sitting positions.  One of the world’s most famous furniture brands, Ekornes still aims to develop and create furniture based on excellent comfort and functionality.

Artek Furniture

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Artek Furniture is considered to be one of the most innovative contributors to modern design in furniture.  Established in 1935 with the philosophy based on function and timeless aesthetics, Artek Furniture today has international sales offices in New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and Stockholm.  They have a full line of versatile furniture – from chairs to sofas, tables, and home interiors, they allow customized furniture for individual projects – whether it be your home, your office, in hotels, museums, and even public spaces.  With their durable and high quality furnishing systems, they are regarded as one of the best furniture companies for design and durability.

Kebe Furniture

With over 30 years of experience in the furniture industry, Kebe Furniture is widely known for their high-end contemporary furniture.  Located in Hornslet, Denmark, Kebe Furniture is widely known for their cold cure moulded foam recliners and lifestyle chairs.  Prominently swivel chairs that feature built-in adjustable neck support, built-in footstools, and recline back adjustments, their luxury recliner chairs are excellent to use in both the residential and the commercial environments.


Since its inception in 1991, Norrgavel has continuously created furniture and furnishings with simple, straightforward, and functional details.  Founded by designer Nirvan Richter, Norrgavel provides furniture with utmost attention to detail, beauty of form, and practical function.  Offering more than just furniture that you place in your spaces, Norrgavel offers a holistic view of interior design.  This Swedish company produces customized furniture that you can create as your own, with your choices of wood, finishes, and fabrics.


One of the world leaders in home appliances, Electrolux is a Swedish multinational household appliance manufacturer based in Stockholm, Sweden.  Established in 1919 with its origin tied to the vacuum cleaner, Electrolux today is one of the most recognized names in all major home appliances.  With the premise of making everyday life easier and more enjoyable to  the ordinary person, they produce over 40 million products each year to customers in over 150 countries.

Asko Appliances

This international home appliance brand that originated from Sweden offers high quality and durable products with authentic Scandinavian design.  They offer a full range of kitchen and laundry appliances with an excellent commitment to environmental protection.  Their machines are one of the most energy and water resistant in the industry, offering a full line of high performance washers, dryers, and dishwashers.  With their design philosophy of the Scandinavian aesthetics, homeowners all over the world love their machines’ simple lines and ingenious functionality.


The Scandinavian philosophy is very much evident in Scandinavian furniture and home appliances.  Sleek, simple, and with form always following function, The Scandinavian lifestyle is very much seen in homes and living spaces.

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