Spanish Fashion

Spanish Fashion

Spanish Fashion: How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Spain

Some of the biggest names in retail have Spanish fashion in its blood – Zara and Mango – high street fashion brands that have dominated the retail world are the very examples of the quintessential Spanish style. But what do locals in Spain really wear? If you’re thinking of heading to the country but are worried about sticking out like a sore thumb, here are some things that you should know:

Take Care of Your Appearance
Spanish people value physical appearance – this means that you should take the time to take care of your looks when you hit the streets of Barcelona or any other city. Locals like to dress up since they place great importance in how they appear in public. Dressing too casually will definitely make you look like a tourist. Leave the short shorts and the flip flops at the hotel – trousers and quality shoes are more ideal. Though Spaniards do wear designer clothes, they place comfort and quality above all things, so take good note of that.

Wear Subdued Colors
Spaniards tend to look very classy – this means avoid wearing neon colored clothes or any bright colors, for that matter. They prefer earth tones such as beige, brown, nude, or neutral colors like black, white, or grey. If you must wear color, choose seasonal colors such as green, yellow, or blue.

Wear Light Fabrics
The weather in Spain is usually warm or hot most of the year, so wear light fabrics that flow nicely. Breathable fabrics that allow air to circulate easily are the most ideal fabrics to wear. So choose cotton, voile, chiffon, linen, silk, and other natural fabrics.

Wear Denim Trousers
Though Spain is highly fashion forward, they are still very conservative. Modesty is highly valued and this is highly expected of you especially in public places. Wearing a mini skirt may raise eyebrows so it’s safe to wear denim pants instead. Wearing denim jeans is extremely popular in Spain so bring a lot of these instead of short skirts or shorts when you visit the country. Even teenage girls in the country prefer trousers over short skirts.

Wear Good Quality Shoes
The popular shoe choices in Spain are sandals, loafers, and sneakers. But they have to be in good quality. Tattered shoes and flip flops will be looked down upon so it’s important that you wear good quality shoes.

Spanish fashion can be described as fashion-forward but also timeless. There’s a certain code of conservatism around locals that you need to follow so you won’t stand out in the crowd like an obvious tourist. Remember to dress up, wear good quality clothes and shoes, and leave the casual clothes at home.

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