Street Fashion

Street Fashion

Understanding Street Fashion

Many people have heard of street fashion, but what exactly is this trend and how did it get started? While most trends originated on Parisian runways and high-end fashion shows, street fashion as its name suggests, got its origins on the streets. It is a grassroots style movement that began in the youth culture of the current decade. Unlike other trends, street fashion cannot be confined to simply one style of dressing, but instead covers a broad range of styles, all of which were created by the young people who enjoy eclectic, youthful looks.

What makes this type of fashion noticeable is that it began moving its way up the fashion ladder back to those high-end designers. The tight-fitted jeans that got their start in the streets are now a common element in high fashion designer apparel. In a similar way, the hippie, loose dresses made of sheer material are being integrated into high-fashion shows, tailored to create a demure look.

Street fashion is most common in some of the world’s largest cities, namely New York and London. These two cities became known for an eclectic mix of colors, ranging from fluorescent coats to bright red hair. All of these brought forth unique trends, sustaining the cities urban vibe which then went on to influence these designers.

When trying to define street fashion, it’s important to note that there isn’t an urgent desire for clothing and style elements to match and be flattering. Street fashion has an eclectic mix of different patterns and textures that all come together to create an overall look. It’s almost more of an artform than a clothing trend and you certainly won’t see the polished looks so common in high-end fashion.

Street fashion also isn’t just one look, but rather a simultaneous collection of several diverse fashion movements at any given time. don’t be too surprised if you’re on one of these busy streets and you notice the hippie fashion of denim, t-shirts, and psychedelic imagery paired with the hip hop fashion of NIKE, South Pole, crossed with Teddy Boys style of crepe shoes and drainpipe trousers. This unconfined fashion movement isn’t so much defined as to what it is. Rather, it’s better understood when you realize what street fashion isn’t. It can’t be nicely packaged in a box or container, but rather avoids labels and definitions, branching out into untamed territory.

This lack of boundaries are what makes street fashion so exciting. One of the reasons why designers love it is that it doesn’t have a set of rules and puts forth a freedom that appeals to the broad masses. We’re starting to see these uncultured, unrefined pieces come out on the runways and while surprising, this trend is amazingly fun. It’s nice to see the high-end names branching beyond their borders, trying to capture the essence of street fashion. However, they don’t quite get it. Street fashion is a grassroots movement that can’t quite be captured by the high-end names and remains a trend and style unique to the urban youth.

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