Top 10 Swedish Fashion Brands

Swedish Fashion Brands

Swedish Fashion Brands

Swedish fashion brands has been taking the world by storm but in hushed tones. Swedish fashion is characterized by the mantra of “Less is More” with their distinct fondness towards discreet colors, clean lines, and refined looks.

Every designer and fashion brand takes a practical approach to dressing men and women, without sacrificing creativity and personal expression.

From classic and timeless designs, to the more avant garde looks, Swedish fashion has always been ready to take on the world. Here are the Top 10 fashion brands in Sweden:

H & M

The king of all Swedish fashion brands, H & M is located in over 41 countries, with over 2,300 locations, and a worldwide staff of an estimated 100,000 – which is already an empire on its own. Established in 1947 in Vasteras, H & M, which stands for Hennes and Mauritz, was founded by Erling Persson as Hennes. Since its launch and consistent growth to prominence, H & M has been synonymous with Swedish fashion, low priced clothing and is one of the biggest fashion brands in the world today. Visit H&M here

Cheap Monday

Founded in 2000, Cheap Monday was created by founders Orjan Anderson and Adam Friberg. One of Sweden’s most recognizable fashion brands, Cheap Monday is known for its rock inspired, old school design aesthetics, which started out as a brand that offered limited edition tight jeans. Characterized by the skull logo, Cheap Monday has a strong global presence with over 1,500 locations in 30 countries all over the world. Visit Cheap Monday here

Acne Jeans

Sweden’s answer to designer jeans, Acne was established in 1996 in Stockholm by Johnny Johansson and Thomas Persson. The fashion brand placed Sweden on the international jeans map with their luxurious and high-end jeans. Their first collection of 100 pairs of unisex jeans was featured in Swedish Elle in 1998, and they haven’t looked back ever since. Acne is one of Sweden’s most recognized fashion brands with its presence in 9 countries across the globe. Visit Acne Jeans here

Filippa K

Known for the brand’s timeless and uncomplicated style, Filippa K is at the top of the food chain for Sweden’s women´s wear. Established in 1993 with colleague Patrik Kihlborg, Filippa Knutsson launched a collection of clothes based on quality, simplicity and style, which represents every generation’s elegant and classy style. Filippa K started with her signature stretch jeans and has now expanded to a full-on womens’ clothing line. Filippa K can be found in over 700 select retailers across 20 countries. Visit Filippa K here


Otherwise known as We or We Are The Superlative Conspiracy, this Swedish fashion brand is based on street and skateboarding subcultures. One of the coolest things to come out of Sweden, WeSc does not use the usual advertising techniques. Instead, they use famous and not-so-famous musicians, artists, and extreme sports athletes to wear and promote their clothes. Their first endorsements were hip hop acts Looptroop and Timbuktu, creating an image of the brand associated with the alternative lifestyle. Launched in 1999, the brand has expanded to cater to both men and women’s clothing, accessories, headphones, and even stuff for kids. Visit WeSc here

Odd Molly

Established in 2002, Odd Molly was created by Kari Jimfeldt and word artist/skateboarder Per Holkneekt. The women’s clothes are based on letting uninhibited design intuition take flight, challenging society’s conventions of what’s trendy, and encouraging their customers to express their individual eccentricities. Inspired by an actual girl in the US when Holkneekt spent time in the country as a pro skateboarder, Odd Molly is now available in over 1,500 locations in over 40 countries. Visit Odd Molly here

Swedish Hasbeens

One of the most distinct fashion brands in Sweden today, Swedish Hasbeens was launched in 2006 and quickly became one of the country’s fastest growing fashion brands. After being inspired by 1970’s clogs, the founders found their way in an old clog factory, finding 300 pairs of old clogs in the basement. After which, they decided to launch Swedish Hasbeens – footwear inspired from the 70’s. All the shoes are handmade and made with natural grain leather in small factories, using traditional methods, creating a sustainable brand that is good to the environment. Swedish Hasbeens is now available in 22 countries. Visit Swedish Hasbeens here

Anna Holtbald

Considered as the pioneer of contemporary Swedish fashion, Anna Holtbald launched her first collection in 1987, quickly cementing her place not only in Sweden but in Europe’s fashion world. Her knitted collections have been widely acclaimed over the years, described by timeless elegance but never out of date. With a constant defiance to trends and basic silhouettes, Anna Holtbald offers the most luxurious and unique knitwear that is unmatched by any other. Always created in limited pieces, Anna Holtbald can be found in select retailers across Europe, Japan, and North America. Visit Anna Holtbald here

Sandra Backlund

One of the most celebrated designers in Sweden, Sandra Backlund has created pieces for Emilio Pucci and Marc Jacobs. Launched in 2004, Sandra Backlund is known for her hard-knitted oversized designs of sculptural knitwear that is considered by many as works of art. Her pieces always exaggerate or enhance the female form, often creating head-turning silhouettes and textures that can’t be seen anywhere else. Visit Sandra Backlund here

V Ave Shoe Repair

Astrid Olsson and Lee Cotter launched V Ave Shoe Repair in 2004 as an avant garde fashion brand that is based on unique design and strong conceptual visions. Considered as Sweden’s darkest brand for its penchant for dark and dull colors in sombre silhouettes that drape and slouch, their clothes are not for the faint-hearted but for the more sophisticated fashion sets. V Ave Shoe Repair is available in select locations in over 20 countries. Visit V Ave Shoe Repair here

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