The 10 Most Popular Sport Brands in the World

Sport Brands

Sport Brands

Just because you’re wearing sport brands doesn’t mean you’re any less stylish than the rest of the crowd. Sportswear has been a major trend in fashion since the 1980’s, with all the oversized tops, leggings, leotards, and tracksuits filling the streets during the decade. Although it may have taken the backseat for several times over the last decades, sportswear as fashion has taken on a new form today. With brands such as Adidas and Nike collaborating with world-famous fashion designers, sportswear has never been so highly covetable.
If you want to know which sport brands are the most worn by stylish men and women from all over the world, here are ten sport fashion brands that YOU must have in your closet today.

This German sportswear manufacturer is always on top of the list of sport brands. Their durable and high quality performance sportswear and casual wear are much beloved by any man or woman who is into the active lifestyle. But whether you play sports or not, you’ll surely love its yearly collections of designer collaborations, as they have produced a few in the past with Stella McCartney and Yoji Yamamoto. Launched in 1948 by Adi Dassler, Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and 2nd in the world.

If you’re into surfing, you definitely know Billabong. This Australian surfwear company is one of the best in the world – offering products not only for surfing but also for skating and snowboarding. They started with producing board shorts in the early 1970’s and have expanded to a complete lifestyle sport brand.

Known for their Chuck Taylor All Star basketball shoes, Converse has also been making sports apparel such as t-shirts and shorts to complete the whole sporty look. A subsidiary of Nike since 2003, Converse is a favorite among the skateboarding market. An American company, they’ve continuously been manufacturing athletic apparel and lifestyle fashion for many decades, making them a favorite of active men and women.

Launched in 1926 in Italy, FILA is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sportswear. When they started in the 1970’s, they began offering underwear but quickly expanded to sportswear in the 70’s. They now offer active wear in tennis, running, golf, basketball, and other sports, as well as a casual line of clothes for men and women.

Juicy Couture
Though not an actual sport brand, Juicy Couture’s sportswear-inspired tracksuits have changed the way Californian women have dressed in the past two decades. Launched in 1997 in California, they offer casual and dressy clothing to women in their pre-teen to late twenties. Their other offerings include handbags, underwear, swimwear, yoga apparel, and even baby clothes. Their velour tracksuits, known to be worn indoors and in gyms, became a major fashion trend when celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez started to wear them on the streets as fashion statements.

One of the most iconic brands in the world is Nike. Known for their famous swoosh logo, they are also one of the biggest manufacturers of sportswear in the world. Known for high quality and advanced technology, Nike is considered to be the most valuable brand in the business of sports.

A womenswear clothing brand established in 1990 by its brother brand Quiksilver, Roxy is the most popular surfwear brand for girls in the world. Untapping a market for women’s surfing apparel that didn’t exist before, Roxy created a special place for the brand in the industry, being the pioneer in surfwear apparel for women.

A subsidiary of Adidas since 2005, Reebok was established in 1895 and is considered to be one of the oldest sport brands in the world. Their focus on fitness has made them the go-to brand for fitness enthusiasts, as well as member of the NFL, where they became the official supplier of jerseys from 2002-2012.

The North Face
A different kind of sports, The North Face caters to adrenaline junkies in the mountain climbing and wilderness niche. Launched in 1968 in the US, The North Face offers mainly outerwear, coats, and wilderness equipment at high price points. Often copied with counterfeits from different parts of the globe, The North Face is the only choice for the many adventurers who value quality, design, and looking chic even amidst the jungle.

Just because you want to be comfortable, doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. These ten sport fashion brands have proved that being active is actually stylish and chic.

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