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5 Distinct Looks of Tokyo Fashion

Tokyo fashion is known worldwide for its extravagant and cutting edge styles. Its street fashion is unlike any other in the world – giving it a special place in the world of fashion that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Tokyo has two hot spots as its main fashion centers – Shibuya and Harajuku – very famous for their vibrant street fashion culture.
With the rise of consumerism and the economic boom in Japan in the 1980’s also came the great amount of disposable income that the Japanese enjoyed. Because of this, they started to invest in fashion, creating subcultures and lifestyles that did not exist before.
There are countless genres and styles of Tokyo fashion and it is almost impossible to describe each and every one of them as new ways of dressing are literally being made every day. But there are key distinct looks of Tokyo fashion that are the most popular and recognizable.

Here are 5 of Tokyo fashion

The most recognizable and largest style, the Lolita has taken on many forms. It is essentially inspired by Victorian aesthetics and details, such as ruffles, lace, petticoats, and the like. The key to this look is looking like a Victorian doll. The Gothic Lolita is a mix of Victorian doll and Tim Burton – dark colors with details of dark influences such as crosses, bats, spiders, and skulls. You can see these girls wearing blouses with lace trimmings, ruffles or bows on the neckline, knee length socks, petticoats underneath their knee length skirts, brooches and bonnets over their heads. On the opposite end of the Lolita is the Sweet Lolita. You can achieve this look by looking very childlike – wear pastels, use fairy tale influences, don large headbows, cute purses, and carry large stuffed toys.

The Gyaru style is usually donned by women in their early 20’s. Characterized as girly-glam, the look uses man-made beauty as a point of reference. Think fake lashes, wigs, fake nails, a deep tan especially on the face, and bleached hair. Wear brightly colored form fitting clothes that define the body and pair them with high heels or platforms.

Kogal is simply the Japanese school-girl style. Japanese girls wear high school uniforms – usually a white blouse paired with a short plaid skirt, a neck or bow tie, a large knit scarf, black shoes, and the most important piece of accessory – the loose socks or leg warmers.

There’s no specific look to the Decora – but its style is over the top and exaggerated. Decora is short for decoration – so wear the maximum amount of brightly colored clothing, big accessories, and extravagant details such as feather boas, large plastic jewelry – and just about anything that you can decorate on your body.

Mori Girl
Described as the eco-conscious girl – the Mori girl is sometimes called the Forest Girl. Characterized by clothes with flowy silhouettes with floral-printed cotton or chiffon, the Mori look has its roots in Bohemian style. They often wear hand-made accessories, flat sandals, and cardigans in light and neutral colors.

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