Top 10 Clothing Brands for Men

Top 10 Clothing Brands

List of the top 10 clothing brands for men

Although women may lead the world of fashion, men also have their fair share of the top 10 clothing brands. Compared to women’s clothing brands that shell out hundreds of thousands of different styles each year, men’s clothing brands offer a lesser amount in styles but never compromising on the style and quality departments.
If you want to know which clothing brands are favored by the fashionable men of the world, here is a list of the top 10 clothing brands for men:

Abercrombie and Fitch
Also known worldwide as A&F, Abercrombie and Fitch is a popular American clothing brand for men and women but is more beloved for their menswear line of clothes. Often having print ads of sunkissed California girls and boys, this casual wear men’s clothing brand has a target market of 18-22 year olds, catering to the youth market but also patronized by the older niche. With over 300 locations in the US and several worldwide, every stylish man who values quality casual wear must have an Abercrombie and Fitch.

You know you’re a stylish man when you have an Armani. Ranked as the world’s leading menswear brand, if you want to look sharp and crisp for an interview or a night out in town, Armani is always the best solution. This Italian luxury brand is highly coveted for its clean and tailored lines of clothes, established in 1975 by the famous designer, Giorgio Armani. Armani also has several other lines that cater to the younger and more economical markets, and can be found in over 2000 stores worldwide.

Calvin Klein
Famous for its underwear, Calvin Klein is a favorite for many fashionable men for its enduring superior quality, denim, sportswear, and perfume. Having one of the most famous perfume products in with world with the CK One and Eternity, it’s a household name that started its fame in the 1990’s. Its first surge into prominence came with its giant billboards of chiseled and buff men often associated with the brand.

This vibrant Italian brand is known for being innovative in its approach to fashion. Every single piece of Diesel apparel seems like a one-of-a-kind creation that’s made only for its buyer. Catering to the young adult market, the brand is the first clothing company ever to market their products in video games.

Fred Perry
One of the successful men’s clothing brands to blend sportswear with streetwear, Fred Perry was established in the 1940’s by 3-time Wimbledon champion Fred Perry. With their first product being the sweatband, the brand then created their most iconic product – the slim fit cotton pique shirt with the iconic Laurel wreath embroidery – known today worldwide. Fred Perry is also credited for creating some of the most iconic styles of the last century – being worn by famous musicians and athletes all over the world.

Hugo Boss
A top 10 list of popular men’s clothing brands simple won’t do without Hugo Boss. This German clothing brand has a complete range of men’s products – from casual clothes to business suits and even perfume. Often referred to as the go-to men’s clothing brand for the alpha male, Hugo Boss is a coveted clothing brand for the successful man – or those who want to look the part.

This French clothing brand is another apparel manufacturer of high-end sportswear created by a professional athlete. Rene Lacoste – nicknamed “the crocodile” for being tenacious on the tennis court, founded the brand and named it after his family name in 1933. Famous for creating the revolutionary polo shirt with the embroidered crocodile logo on the front, the shirt is one of the most recognized pieces of clothing in the world.

Any man who wants to have a pair of great quality jeans must have a pair of Levi’s. Launched in 1853 by Levi Strauss, he created the very first blue jeans in the world, even getting a patent for it. Originally created for the working man, the blue jeans came into prominence between the 1950’s to the 80’s, being made famous by many youth subcultures during the eras. Known for its uncompromising take on quality and design, Levi’s has always and will always be present in every stylish man’s closet.

Ralph Lauren
Launched in 1967, this luxury lifestyle brand started as a necktie store by the fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Receiving the COTY Award for his menswear collection in `1970, Ralph Lauren has become famous for its short sleeve mesh shirt with the polo logo.

Tommy Hilfiger
The brand that offers classic American style with a refreshing twist, Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s leading premium lifestyle brands. Established in 1985 delivering superior quality and value, the brand enjoys a yearly revenue of $4.6 Billion. It is celebrated for offering the essence of classic Americana apparel, it is often imitated but never encompassed by other brands – it is truly an iconic clothing brand for men.

Men don’t have to sacrifice style over comfort – many men today are leaning towards more experimentation with their looks and their styles. Some men have even taken the fashion world by surprise with their fantastic looks that blend classic styles with avant garde and experimental styles.

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