Top 7 Teenage Fashion Brands

Teenage Fashion

Teenage Fashion

Teenagers love to experiment, specifically with teenage fashion – after all, this is the stage in their lives when they are still trying to develop their identity and find out who they are.  It’s also the first time in their lives when they get to choose which clothes to wear, what look to have, and pretty much decide how they want to present themselves to the world.

For teenagers, being able to stand out and becoming your own person is very important, and one way they can achieve this is by wearing the hottest teenage fashion brands out there.  If you’re a teenager who wants to look trendy and cool, or a parent about to go shopping for your daughter or son, then here is a list of the Top 7 Teenage Fashion Brands that will surely bring out the best in you.

     Forever 21

One of the biggest retail brands from the United States, Forever21 can be found in over 400 stores worldwide.  They have a complete range of products from apparel, to footwear, accessories, and even kids and plus size clothing.  Founded in 1984 in California, this American chain of clothing retailer has a yearly revenue of $3.4 Billion, and can be found almost anywhere in the world – from the US to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


Originally called Free People when it was founded in 1972, Urbanoutfitters is the go-to store for the hipster generation.  This publicly traded fashion brand has an 18-30 year-old target market and is known for their hipster-inspired, retro, vintage, stylish, and often called bizarre fashion.  With a $1.3 Billion yearly revenue, they can be found in over 170 locations around the world, from the US to Canada, Ireland, Denmark, the UK, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Miss Sixty

One of the first ever brands to make jeans that are shaped to fit the curves of a woman, Miss Sixty is considered to be one of the hottest and most imitated young fashion brands in the world.  This Italian fashion brand was founded in 1991 and has its foundation in denim wear.  From jeans, to tops, to skirts, dresses, shoes, bags, accessories, and even footwear, they are highly coveted by young women for their sexy and chic casual denim wear.


Founded in 1993 in New York City, Delia’s today is the most preferred direct marketing and retail company for American college girls.  With a target market of young girls aged 13-19, girls as young as 10 years old are wearing Delia’s for their casual looks, in and out of school.  Price points are also student-friendly, making them the leading apparel brand for this niche market.  With a yearly revenue of $100 million, their clothes can be bought online and through direct mail catalogues.

American Eagle Outfitters

Established in 1977 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, American Eagle Outfitters is an American clothing and accessories retailer with a target market of boys and girls in the 15-25 year-old age range.  With over 900 retail stores, they have a yearly revenue of $3.1 Billion, banking on their top quality and trendy clothing that range from simple apparel, to Henley shirts, polo shirts, and intimate wear.

Abercrombie and Fitch

One of the most popular casual clothing brands in the world, A&F is a casual wear brand with its headquarters in New Albany, Ohio.  They have over 300 stores worldwide, and is heavily influenced by the neo-preppy look and California lifestyle.  Targeted for boys and girls aged 18-22, they have a yearly revenue of $4.1 Billion.


A clothing brand from the same company of Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister was created to provide young men and women a more affordable alternative to A&F.  Since its inception in 2000, it has surpassed A&F in popularity, making it a highly successful teenage fashion brand.  Geared towards the age range of 14-18 years, they are now America’s 2nd most preferred clothing brand.

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