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Top Fashion Magazines for Women

Fashion magazines are especially powerful – they have the massive ability to create trends, bring new and upcoming designers to the consciousness of the masses, and even boost sales. By taking the runway to the average consumer, readers get a glimpse of fashion without having to physically watch runway shows or celebrities on the red carpet. Fashion magazines give the average woman the world of glamour right on the tips of her fingernails.
There are countless fashion magazines out there but only a select few have made tremendous impact to the fashion industry. Here are the top 10 fashion magazines in the world:

The New York Times call it the most influential fashion magazine in the world. Vogue is THE essential source for all things high fashion. Since 1892, this magazine has brought the world of high fashion, couture, and luxurious living to the hands of the average reader. Giving you the latest news, trends, personalities, and designers in the world of fashion, Vogue has 23 different national editions with over 11 million readers in the US and over 12 million overseas. Its current editor and American Vogue chief Anna Wintour has become a legendary household name in fashion and dubbed as one of the most powerful people in the industry. Its annual event, The Met Ball, celebrates the Metropolitan Museum’s fashion exhibit and is attended by A-list celebrities, designers, politicians, and people from the industry – by invitation only – making it THE fashion event of every year. It is the most successful venture of its publishing house Conde Nast, who also published GQ, Vanity Fair, Glamour, and other elite magazines.

Meaning “her” in French, ELLE offers readers the latest in fashion, beauty, entertainment, features and advice on health, career, relationships, and even politics. Founded in France in 1945, ELLE is the world’s largest fashion magazine with 43 international editions in 60 different countries. Aimed at the target market of women aged 18-49, its current editor Robbie Myers describes its readers as young enough to make life an adventure but also have the very means to live it.

Founded in 1994, InStyle offers the latest in fashion, beauty, and home entertainment. The magazine sets itself from others by its focus on celebrities – showing the private lives of public faces. Revealing celebrity styles, InStyle gives readers a friendly guide to the trends of the moment, as well as great shopping advice. It also has a section where a celebrity opens up her home to provide an exclusive look into celebrity living. InStyle made an impact in the world of fashion magazines when it first came out due to its use of actors or musicians on their covers instead of models, which was the trend at the time. Today, the magazine as 17 international editions in Australia, the UK, Germany, Russia, Spain, Greece, Brazil, South Korea, and many more.

Harper’s Bazaar
First published in 1867, Bazaar is the first American fashion magazine. Giving readers the latest looks from the hottest designers in the industry, Bazaar is aimed at the sophisticated career woman. It offers high class photo shoots and spreads that are aimed at the upper middle and upper classes – showcasing fashion from the casual to the couture. Bazaar is also especially known for its coverage of the most spectacular shows and events in society- giving the average woman a glimpse of what it’s like behind the scenes of such events.

Originally called Glamour of Hollywood, Glamour magazine provides great advice on fashion, beauty, health and relationships. Founded in 1939, the magazine is aimed at women aged 18-49, with international editions in the UK, Germany, France, Poland, South Africa, South America, and many other countries. Among its much anticipated features are its hair and make up how-tos, celebrity scoop, what-to-wear guide, and its informative articles on fashion and style. Annually, Glamour holds the Glamour Woman of the Year awards to recognize successful and inspiring women in the public eye.

Marie Claire
Published in 1937 in France, Marie Claire published its first US edition in 1994 through Hearst Corporation. Offering the latest in trends, advice, fashion, beauty, and powerful stories on women’s social issues, it is THE magazine for women who want to improve and read on all its aspects of life. Its fashion section always gives fashion forward and timeless style. Marie Claire also features great interviews of strong and powerful women from all around the world – giving inspiration to its readers. Marie Claire is the magazine that gives women the freshest knowledge on how to have great relationships with others while staying stylish and in vogue.

Calling itself “The Ultimate Shopping Guide” and “The Magazine About Shopping,” Lucky offers the hottest fashion, beauty and home finds. With a focus on shopaholics, Lucky was launched in 2000 by Conde Nast – the very house that publishes Vogue- which has become one of its biggest successes. Making fashion and beauty accessible, one of its unique features include the Lucky Stickers with “Yes” and “Maybe” included in every issue. Readers can use the stickers to mark items inside the magazine like a bookmark.

Published in 1972 by the same company of Women’s Wear Daily, W was bought by Conde Nast in 1999 and is today’s quintessential magazine for all things lavish and aristocratic. Made in an oversized format, with a 10” width and 13” size, W shows readers the elite of fashion and entertainment. Covering high society with award-winning photographs, W also provides unique travel destinations, news and features on public personalities, and for its coverage of all things American and European society.

Launched in 1991, Allure focuses on beauty, fashion, and health for women in general. Essentially a beauty expert, Allure’s signature feature is the annual Best of Beauty awards. The magazine’s yearly October issue features the best beauty products as recommended by its staff. Its fashion section gives readers previews of the hottest looks of the moment, featured designers, and accessory trends. The magazine is also highly noted for its collection of features on wellness – on health and relationships. It is also the first magazine to publish an article about the health risks of silicone breast implants.

Known for its provocative nature, Cosmopolitan wasn’t always a young women’s magazine. Launched in 1886, it started out as a family magazine then became a literary magazine before it became a women’s magazine in the 1960’s. Also known as Cosmo, the magazine provides fashion and fitness, and sex – which is why the magazine is aimed for the mature audience. Published by Hearst, Cosmopolitan has 64 international editions in 100 countries.

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