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A Review on Women´s Justin Buffalo Boots

If you want to own a pair of top quality buffalo boots that will last for a lifetime, there’s no other brand than Justin Boots. Having been in the industry for over 130 years, Justin Boots is the leader in high quality authentic leather boots for the toughest cowboy, or cowgirl.

Though not the pair recommended for the budget-conscious casual chic, they have the best quality in the market. Here is a quick review of the Justin Gypsy barn brown buffalo boots from the Justin Gypsy Cowgirl Collection.

When I shop online like I did few day´s ago I usually go for brands I know. It is not the same as go shopping the old style where you can see if the quality is good. Online you only have photo of the product. Good thing for us is to read review from real buyer like on Amazon.


The moment your eyes will lay upon the Gypsy boot, you’ll know that it’s made of top quality materials with excellent craftsmanship. The boots standing alone looks undoubtedly high standard and well made. The color is dark brown in just the right shade that will go perfectly well with any color of clothing.
Though the boots are rugged-looking, the hot pink piping accent on the sides and the pink/blue/yellow embroidery details on the leather balance its entire design. If you’re a girly girl but love the active lifestyle, the Gypsy boot is just perfect for you.

The Gypsy boot is made of authentic leather while its sole is made of high quality rubber. It contains a removeable orthotic insole, and made with the patented J-Flex Flexible Comfort System. This means the boots have a cushioned insole and triple density board that makes them the most comfortable pair of boots you could ever wear.
Unlike other shoes, the Gypsy buffalo boots do not require any breaking in. According to the brand, it’s like they already did that for you. Once you open the box and wear them, you can instantly take them outdoors and they’ll be as comfortable as ever.

The Gypsy boots are perfect for everyday wear. The more you wear them, the more comfortable and durable they get. The authentic leather used gets better with age plus they’re waterproof – which means you can where them even through mud. They’re also the perfect pair to keep you warm during cold winter days and nights.

The Women’s Justin Gypsy boots in barn brown buffalo color is without question one of the toughest and most durable pair of boots you can find in the market. And unlike other brands that require some time to break in, these boots are made with a patented technology that eliminates that need. They’re comfortable, look great, and perform their main function as a durable performance boot. Must say I absolutely love these Justin buffalo boots, they are trendy and comfortable.
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