Women Boots that Every Closet Must Have

Women Boots

7 Women Boots Is The Magic Number

Every fashionable woman has at least a pair of women boots or even two. This chic and stylish footwear transforms any dull outfit into an edgy look that will surely turn frowns into a fashionable nod. Even when you’re wearing a simple white t-shirt with blue denim jeans, if you wear them with boots, the look will totally be put together.

Why Women Love Boots

Women in general love shoes. Even when she has tons of pairs in her closet, when she sees something that she adores, she will definitely bring it home. While stilettos are sexy and flats are comfortable – boots serve both purposes all at once. Boots cover the feet and the ankle, providing warmth and comfort to its wearer. But boots also make women feel chic and sexy – adding to her style and confidence.

Here Are 7 Women Boots that Every Closet Must Have

There are tons and tons of different materials, heels, closures, and designs for women’s boots. However, you can pretty much place them in a few categories. And even though you already own a pair or two, it wouldn’t hurt to buy one or two more to complete your boot collection.

1. Ankle Boots – these boots have a height that just covers the ankle of the feet. It’s a favorite among many fashionistas as it adds a certain edge to any outfit, without risking too much of your ensemble. It’s simple, safe, but extremely transforms any look.

2. Mid-Calf Boots – these are perfect for fall and winter since they give you the right amount of comfort and warmth during the cold seasons. They’re a little tricky to wear though so most women avoid wearing them. But with the right hemlines, mid-calf boots certainly complete any autumn outfit.

3. Cowboy Boots – these are no longer limited to the West. Mostly worn during daytime, avoid wearing them to an evening event since they’re casual as a pair of sneakers.

4. Riding Boots – these boots fall on the knee and are becoming a more and more popular choice for walking out in the streets.

5. Combat Boots – these rugged pairs of boots became very popular in the early 90’s during the grunge era. They’re the most comfortable pair of boots you can ever wear – you can even say these boots are made for walking. Made with top quality rubber and leather, you can wear them absolutely anywhere.

6. Wedge Boots – these boots are usually made of suede or leather with the wedge heel its most distinct feature. They give you the height of stilettos but give you the comfort of flat shoes.

7. Over the Knee Boots – these are the sexiest pairs of boots any woman can ever own. Falling just above the knees, you’d have to be a stylish risk taker to be able to pull these boots off.

How to Wear these Boots

So you’ve just bought these amazing pair of riding boots that you just couldn’t resist. When you get home, you realize that you actually don’t know what to wear them with. There are certain kinds of boots that work well with certain kinds of clothes so you’d have to read the following tips to avoid being a fashion no-no.

Ankle Boots – Ankle boots are among the most fashionable pairs of shoes in the world. Fashion designers have their models wear this type of boot to add that chic and cool look to their clothes. Since ankle boots fall slightly above the ankle, they actually cut the length of your legs. So to avoid having your legs look shorter than they really are, wear ankle boots with short hemlines. This means short dresses and skirts. Show your legs bare or wear them with tights. Skinny jeans tucked under them are also a good idea.

Mid-Calf Boots – These are the trickiest to wear since its length is very awkward. Wear them with skirts and hemlines that are a few inches above the knee. They’re not recommended for mini skirts so opt for a longer hemline. Wearing them with bare legs and a trench coat will look great. Skinny jeans or leggings tucked under them always look great.

Cowboy Boots – These boots are very casual and should only be worn during the day. Pair them with a short sundress, denim cut offs, or tucked under skinny jeans.

Riding Boots – You won’t actually be riding a horse when you wear this pair but they look best with tucked skinny jeans that fit snugly on your skin, full skirts or A-line, as well as with leggings.

Combat Boots – As with cowboy boots, they’re also mostly worn for casual and day wear. They can turn any frilly outfit into a bad ass ensemble so it’s best you balance out your look with this pair. If you’re very feminine or out on a date, wear the combat boots for an emergency errand instead of wearing them with your little black dress.

Wedge Boots – These boots add height without the discomfort of high heels. Wear them with cute little dresses, mini skirts and full skirts. Never wear them with maxi skirts.

Over the Knee Boots – These are the sexiest and boldest pairs of boots out there. Wear them with short skirts that fall a few inches above the top of the boots. Show just the right amount of skin, or cover your legs with tights. Since they’re already eye-grabbing as they are, your outfit should be as simple as possible.

As I stylish women I love boots. Last one I bought was buffalo boots and I bought them online.

Women boots can make or break an outfit. But if you make them work for you, then your look will completely transform into an edgy and chic ensemble that will definitely show your sense of great style.

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